• (Yet another) Music shuffle survey

    11 May 2008, 17:06 by letmefall

    Put your music player to shuffle and answer the questions about the song.

    Song #1: One Night
    What's the first line in the song?: I wake up to find you laying awake
    How long has this band/artist been around?: Hmm... 11 years?
    Do you have a specific memory associated with this song?: No.
    Can you relate to any of the lyrics?: Yes
    Do you like any other songs by this band/artist?: Yes, they're a great band :)

    Song #2: I Get A Kick Out Of You
    Does any part of this song make you laugh?: It is a bit funny.
    What is your favorite lyric in this song?: I get a kick every time I see you standing there before me, / I get a kick though it's clear to me / That you obviously do not adore me
    Have you ever seen this band/artist live?: No :(
    What is the first song from this band/aritst that you remember hearing?: High And Dry, which is one of my favorites, if not my favorite.
    What kind of mood does this song put you in?: Good mood :D It's an upbeat song by Jamie, of course it sets me in a good mood!
  • My favorites by Nina Simone

    8 Mar 2007, 05:42 by thrillingryan

    I was asked today what my favorite Nina Simone song is. I have 5 (so far):

    I Put a Spell on You
    Feeling Good
    My Baby Just Cares for Me
    My Man's Gone Now
    Do I Move You

    I like these songs the most because out of the many I have listened to by her so far, these are the ones that are uniquely expressive above the rest - she owns these songs! There are many other songs of hers that I like and listen to, but no one can sing these favorites like she does... there are many other songs that are just ok and not much different than other renditions I've heard by other artists ... or sometimes I just favor the way another artist sings it.

    That said, if you know of any other Nina Simone songs that you think I might enjoy, please post!