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  • I'm surprised to see that such a marginal and inconsistent artist is so popular here. Maybe I'm missing something.
  • Pure Love
  • You were such a great musician and fascinating woman. You gave us so very much.
  • !!!!!!!!
  • My father gave me my middle name because of you.
  • Nina Simone might not be making music anymore, but if they are, you can help keep other users informed by adding new events when they're announced.
  • She definitely put a spell on me!. My god, how I love this woman.
  • I need more Nina songs like the live versions od Mood Indigo and Just in Time.
  • badass goddess
  • and everybody knows about mississippi, goddamn!
  • guys... the similar artists are calculated by what else the users who listen to nina listen... they are not musically similar... if you look the whole list you will find artists like madonna and badly drawn boy... off course they are not similar!
  • nina ain't jazz... what´s your matter, mathew? are you deaf? :o)
  • Why is Bjork considered a similar artist? How can you compare Bjork to Nina Simone...I don't think Miss Simone would like that one.lol
  • I loves you, Porgy ;]
  • love nina love
  • for the emo comment...those emo pussies wish they could be this evocative! bitches.
  • four women!! why isn't it up?
  • i put a spell on her!
  • She's just glamourous.
  • what a voice. nina is the best cure for a rainy sunday afternoon at home.
  • Nina was an amzaing musician. Grew out of poverty, supported by her community, trained in the classics, a legend in her own time. I was priviledged to see her live on her last tour. All I could say outloud was Thank you Nina.
  • So I remember ev'ry face Of ev'ry man who put me here. I see my light come shining From the west unto the east. Any day now, any day now, I shall be released.
  • I started a group for chanteuse lovers. Please join: http://www.last.fm/group/Chanteuse
  • For the billionth time, the Similar Artists is based on what fans of the artist listen to, not musically similar artists.
  • To the person who claims she is Emo: Puddin Pops! Anyway, Love you Nina. Been listening to a lot of Sinnerman lately... hmm...
  • Similar to: Sarah Vaughan David Bowie Frank Sinatra James Brown Aimee Mann Beth Orton Prince WHAT???
  • emo?EMO? you really have got to be kidding me...she's really great, great voice and everything...*
  • Very emo.
  • Very soulful
  • soul
  • you'r sick!!!
  • What a shit...n/c James Brown isn't a similar artist!!
  • The greatest musical artist of all time, right beside Robyn Hitchcock.
  • What else can I say? The best
  • Who tags Nina Simone as punk???
  • Nina Simone is pure sex.


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