• and she sang to my wounded soul

    18 Apr 2007, 20:02 by katjaelina

    yesterday, I went to a concert with my dad. it was at Stampen, an old jazz club in a cellar in the Old Town. when my dad was young, he used to go there. all kinds of memories came to him as he climbed down the stairs. and now he was there with me, his 19-year-old daughter who had talked him into seeing Nina Ramsby & Martin Hederos live.
    they had a people's park theme this night at Stampen. people's parks where a place where youth went to meet each other, dance, play games, drink beer and fight, mainly during the 30's, 40's and 50's, in Sweden. they had decorated the cellar and sold hot dogs and buns in the bar. but I wondered if not the audience had dressed up to fit into the theme aswell. it seemed as if the cellar was full of back slincks and checked shirts à la the 50's.

    when Nina Ramsby walked on stage, she had a checked shirt too. and there was something with her, maybe her posture or her crew cut, that made her remind me of my Swedish teacher from junior high, Magdalena. …