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  • New picture:
  • good dj. lame producer.
  • her face makes it alright [2] finally someone said it.. this chick's so overrated
  • Xhi
    her set at melt! was mindblowing
  • <3
  • чет невпечатлило(
  • dobra dupa, trzeba to przyznać
  • *sampler
  • The sample for her new label is really good
  • хорошая девчуля
  • I think I like her DJ sets more than her productions. [2]
  • her face makes it alright
  • I think I like her DJ sets more than her productions.
  • Very good debut LP, though.
  • GPX
    Not impressed by her dj skills. Very boring techno.
  • Nina Kraviz launches record label, трип.
  • nice)
  • Si te agarro te hago 10 hijos ♥
  • finally found a free download of Mr Jones ep. take that russia pig
  • guilty pleasure, togetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetogetoge...
  • New EP is really good.
  • She's the perfect woman [2] And a brilliant producer <3
  • Black White is track of the year for me!
  • qt
  • нет
  • New pictures:
  • She's the perfect woman
  • Fintelligent's taste in music sucks. all i can say
  • alec_trevelyan i might be 'challenged', though you could only say that regarding my remark about her blatant self-promotion in the ra video. simply put, her attitude displayed there is typical ego-tripping ('injecting personality', as you called it) which, in addition to sexualizing herself, is desrespectful, if not harmful, to women, underground music, especially women *in* the underground music, i.e. female djs. recently, i watched her set from enter. ibiza and her djing is fair, nice track selection, but i still think her production is too naive and straightforward, nothing compelling there, kind of boring really. she's just a fine russian dj (certainly not more talented than [artist]dasha rush[/artist] for example) with shitload of fame who got pushed up the berlin techno ladder mainly, although not exclusively, for her charisma/appeal (hence, for her looks, not skills). thanks, but i like my techno genderless and egoless.
  • her music sucks. all i can say
  • [url=]I uploaded a picture that was on Discogs but not up here. Please vote if you like it.[/url]
  • datzo, are you sure you're not just being challenged by her overt sexuality and femininity? Pop business? Well yes she is, but I think its a breathe of fresh air, like the Ghetto Kraviz is a lot funnier than most "DJs" promo videos. In a world dominated by boring highly skilled DJs, I would rather have someone trying to inject some personality, than some mysterious masked man standing behind the decks. I think her combination of pop flare and fresh productions are a welcome addition to the DJ scene. And another thing, Urban Tribe has remixed her. Stingray doesn't just remix anyone.
  • Beautiful woman and really good music. Great combination.
  • If only .....; )~
  • IiiIIiiI Ghetto Kraviz IiiIIiiI
  • Она такая милашка ^^
  • decent dj, overrated producer. not digging her female superstar dj attitude, endorsing techno as some sort of pop business. i mean, you can tell she's more into fashion and acting than into music; typical techy-house style over substance kind of stuff. how did she established herself in underground scene with such glamorous approach is well beyond me. i thought she was kinda cool, but i lost some respect for her after watching this pathetic and unremarkable [url=]ra video[/url] (i'm looking at you, bath scene).
  • dream girl (2)
  • могет
  • Dream girl
  • IiiIIiiI bomb IiiIIiiI
  • sounds like a dancier madteo
  • sex.
  • Нина, на данный момент считаю что ты лучшая в Российском техно! Так держать!
  • Скучная
  • she's worth a trip to Moscow
  • honorable mentions 2012!
  • She's not even singing 'ghetto' on Ghetto Kraviz but Echo. My whole world just came crashing down.
  • bb...
  • love or go ftw


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