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There are a few projects under the name of "Nim" :

Nim (also known as Nim Is A Tree) is Jean-François Flamey's project dedicated to electronica. Born in 1972 in Belgium (french language side of the country), he founded his own physical micro-label in 2003 : Carte Postale Records (post-rock, electronica, pop, folk) and a net-label called Tripostal in 2007.

The name nim is also used by the Swedish chiptune musician Erik Jakobsson. Since 1998, he has made chiptunes using Impulse Tracker, Adlib Tracker 2 (PC) and LSDj (Game Boy) and is a member of the chiptune group beepdealers since after their first Chipdisk release. His earlier work can be found on his MySpace page, and his more recent work can be found on his Soundcloud page.

nim is also the name of a indie rock band from Japan in the same style as fellow Asian bands h e and Whence He Came.

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