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    Check out this record: [url=]Fragile[/url] by [artist]Endless Melancholy[/artist], gentle piano instrumentals for fans of Nils Frahm. Limited edition CD and vinyl available [url=]here[/url]!
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    Wintermusik <3
  • Avatar for abbielortell
    Beautiful work. Remind me of the stuff put out on Mythical Records, like Abandoned Toys or Elizabeth Fawn.
  • Avatar for postrocker17,+Piano,+Ambient
  • Avatar for stefkynaston
    So good in Manchester ^.^ completely worth ten hours of being stuck on the M6
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  • Avatar for laisvribeiro
    Can't wait to see you in Vancouver!
  • Avatar for Actium
    Outstanding gig yesterday in Brussels.
  • Avatar for Astral-Blood
    Guys, check out a session he did with Resident Advisor showcasing two new tracks. Absolutely amazing!
  • Avatar for TaZzYaNNiE
    Loved his music right away!
  • Avatar for Solar_Smile
    Amazing! Очень красивая музыка.
  • Avatar for gingerbreadgit
    Wow, so good. can't believe i've been missing out this long.
  • Avatar for scomatsho
    Glad I saw him live at Sonar and he seems like a nice guy too.
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  • Avatar for fokkeantonides
    Epic nils = epic
  • Avatar for Datkarada
    Nils Frahm live at la Villette Sonique (02.06.2014)
  • Avatar for AndreDias164
    Spaces is amazing!
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    again here, I think I'm gonna saty forever XD
  • Avatar for Bonelesss
  • Avatar for SpaceyFan
    Says and Said Done are so immensely beautiful that I could cry
  • Avatar for Kyonil
  • Avatar for Unsaidxpl
    The master of melancholy.
  • Avatar for Kavehim
    U are my brother from another mother.
  • Avatar for NNNComplex
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    most influential contemporary artist!
  • Avatar for mattmacneil
    See him if you get the chance. What an amazing show.
  • Avatar for shmibs
    your "first ever real solo show in LA" was brilliant. come back soon (and bring extra shoes)!
  • Avatar for Eluvium_Eluvium
    Купила Spaces на физ. носителе. Счастлива, как черт знает кто.
  • Avatar for Snooz
    Listened to Screws for the first time on a Sunday morning hung over in a quiet cabin. I can't remember to have more fitting music to a mood, ever.
  • Avatar for kommafeil
    Recommending the new solo piano album from Otto Totland, which was recorded in Nils Frahm's studio. Lovely stuff, and a safe bet for those further down who were looking for something similar to Screws.
  • Avatar for illestvillain_
    \/ pitchfork approves
  • Avatar for kandinsky-
    'Spaces' is 2013.
  • Avatar for jack_rae
    Spaces is the first great album of 2014.
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    (♥ __ ♥)
  • Avatar for KGB-Dyst
    Says is phenomenal
  • Avatar for sue_denim
    erased tape video for "Says"
  • Avatar for InASafePlace
    Similar to screws? Library Tapes
  • Avatar for Bonelesss
    yeah. that scissors and sellotape record is great. piano solos by dustin o'halloran are also similar to screws. and moments eluding by greg haines.
  • Avatar for Verderber
    v Try Scissors and Sellotape.
  • Avatar for skeletonbone
    Can anyone recommend something similar to Nils' Screws? Just nice minimal piano compositions?
  • Avatar for arbiterof
    For - Peter - Toilet Brushes - More is in at Number 10 in our Top 100 Songs of the Year! <3 Nils
  • Avatar for mk741
    Hope the rest of Spaces is as good as Hammers.
  • Avatar for Why-Fi
    Spaces demands a shout! It really is superb - one of the very best I have heard this year.
  • Avatar for Fionajl
    March 2014 - hurry up! So excited to see Nils Frahm live.
  • Avatar for liquidUtopia
    lovely lovely music
  • Avatar for Joe_Blacky give it a try. a small minimalistic piece of mine :)
  • Avatar for mondscheingasse
    so talented..
  • Avatar for freeyourm1nd
    absolutely perfect new work
  • Avatar for miodan60
    Great album
  • Avatar for MasterFoy My review of spaces:


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