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Nil is a name that has been used multiple times. (1) is a Japanese rock band. (2) is rock band from the Czech Republic. (3) is a French progressive rock band. (4) is a french electronic artsit. (5) is a Turkish singer, full name Nil Karaibrahimgil. (6) is a German indiepop band (7) is a Finnish black metal band

nil (1) is a Japanese rock trio that was formed in 1998. As of 2006 they have released two full albums, 12 INPLOSION (2004) and EXCALIBUR (2005), and a number of singles and mini-albums. They have also released a mini-album of cover tunes called THE COVERING INFERNO (2004) including songs by Deep Purple, Bryan Adams, Dead or Alive, Dexy's Midnight Runners, and Tears for Fears. Tetsu, the main character behind nil is the former vocalist of Malice Mizer (first album "Memoire") and also the vocalist of rock band Zigzo, a band that had a big success in the 90's thanks to the huge popularity of two of the members of the band who were ex-By-Sexual (another 90's Japanese rock band).

Nil (2) comes from from Ceska Trebova, Czech Republic. They are a female fronted band, and won second place in the Coca-Cola Popstar competition in 2005. The have released 3 studio albums. The first one comes form 2007 and it is called "The River Spring". The second album "Dirty" is from "2010". They shot the clip to the single "Dirty Waste". The last album from february 2013 is called "The Velvet Touch of Tongue". You can enjoy video to the great single "The Jaws of Sickness"!

Nil (3) debuted with a self-titled album in 1999, and have released three other albums as of 2005. Their third album, Quarante jours sur le Sinai (2002) is highly regarded by many progressive fans. Members of Nil also record with a side project called Thork.

Nil (4) is a french electronic artist who released his debut EP "Comme Un (Presque) Printemps" in 2008 and appears on the "Diesel:U:Music - EDGES" compilation. Recently (2010), his track "Ma Disconica" was remixed Mondkopf.

Nil (5) is a female singer and songwriter from Turkey who was born in 1976. Her full name is Nil Karaibrahimgil. Her father Suavi Karaibrahimgil is a well-known turkish singer. Her album Nil Dünyasi (Turkish for Nil's World)was released in 2002. Last.fm lists her under Nildünyasi.

Nil (6) is a indiepop band from Brühl near Cologne/Germany. The band has got three members and is very popular in the local music scene. In the summer they are going to record their first album.

Nil (7) is a black metal band from Finland. They released their debut 2 track demo in 2010.

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