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"Nikad is by far the best band you've never heard of. I'm serious, if this band was American you'd all be collecting their records, wearing their shirts and telling each other how cool you are for doing so. As far as screamo goes, there's hardly anything better coming out at the moment. Say you like Orchid, Yaphet Kotto, Yage and Pg. 99, why, you'll lap this up like mother's milk. But all the sad cliches aside, it's not often that you come across a group of people who're so incredibly nice and who play such inspired, frantic and fucked up hardcore. Cherish and behold. This is one of my top ten records of this year and it's only June. Truly emotional and not just pretending to be, this is the real thing." Record review in HeartattaCk #35

"this band is from croatia and are currently one of the most, if not THE most, amazing screamy hardcore band going right now. this shit is seriously fucking rad–think a mix of music like yage, yaphet kotto, and maybe a bit of pg.99, complete with a great rites of spring cover, and you have nikad. i seriously recommend that anyone who likes well-done hardcore to really, really pick this up if you can find it. i think that stickfigure has it still; that's where i got my copy." Posted by Shaun Allen (on now defunct plusminusrecords.com)

"This record sort of took me by surprise as I turned up the volume of my stereo high enough to hear the quick quiet noodling part at the beginning and was suddenly hit over the head with the angry, tight, rhythmic approach of this band. What strikes me most about Nikad is the pulsating groove created by an extremely tight rhythm section, bringing to mind Shotmaker or Three Penny Opera as easy points of comparison. Taking the obvious canadian influences a bit further, there are definite traces of One Eyed God Prophecy and Uranus in the vocals and general song structure. Yet, Nikad seem to do a bit more in the way of variety and give the songs individually a good deal of character. Recommended." - Maximum Rocknroll #231

"Firewalk With Me's next powerhouse release. Nikad from Zagreb/Croatia know how to rock. Dischord harmonies - more like disharmonies - stressful syncopations - psycho drumbeats, insane screaming mixed with pretty low tempo valleys of harmony just to build up the next wave of noise. All in all it sounds like early 90s emo noise - pretty and desperate. Gets better the louder it gets and the more lonely you are. All in all it's just too short! The 12 songs feel like being done in 10 minutes… actually its 25 - but still not long enough. The cover is multo bello - of course… the more you listen to it the better it gets…" - nevergetoveryou.net

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