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  • Avatar for Carneiro_
    Love the intro!
  • Avatar for Lsm1995
    Real nightwish is Tuomas, Marco, Jukka, and Emppu, it doesn't matter who is the singer because it's been changing, there isn't a permanent singer like the other bands like Epica, Within Temptation, Delain, Leaves' Eyes...
  • Avatar for CarolymN
    " Real Nightwish = ..." Oh please , stop with that shit and listen to music.
  • Avatar for Amber-Evil
    Love it :)
  • Avatar for Mel_aniesb
    Real Nightwish = Tarja.[7]
  • Avatar for igorgeneration
    this > every other nightwish songs
  • Avatar for dP_thomy
    simply stunning nightwish song, cant wait for Wacken next year :)
  • Avatar for demonbarak
    Agree with Lamprog! Though this is one of my favourite tracks from the "old" nightwish i have to admit!
  • Avatar for Lamprog
    In whatever NW shoutbox I look there's still this "who is the real Nightwish", "Tarja vs. Anette" stuff going on. Come on, guys, it's 7 years now since good old Tarja's not been part of NW anymore. I'm tired and bored of this discussion. Can't you just accept that they've gone separate ways and CHANGED? Just as everything in this world changes. There's no wrong NW - they still exist as a band and they just changed. Most bands are made up of varying members over time. It's perfectly normal. Some die, some argue, some simply leave. It's really their problem. Sure it can change the music and your attitude towards a band. That's never a reason to HATE any band member, though. They're human beings, for God's sake. I'd say go get a life - there's loads more important stuff to fight over. I love the "old" and the "new" NW because I love their music. But no one HAS to. Ok, rant over. Have a good time wasting your time. ;)
  • Avatar for Tauros_81
    Real Nightwish = Tuomas.[5]
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  • Avatar for MkTetsujin
    Tuomas is indeed what makes the band. Here I am, still listening to them while I don't even care about Tarja's solo stuff despite the fact I love her voice.
  • Avatar for Daleylah
    Real Nightwish = Tuomas.[4] :P
  • Avatar for hrojas2540
    Real Nightwish = Tarja.[6]
  • Avatar for TPSys
    Real Nightwish = Tarja.[5]
  • Avatar for Shadow-Ninja
    Real Nightwish = Tarja.[4]
  • Avatar for CGholy
    Fantastic song.
  • Avatar for CHARLOTTExNW
    Real Nightwish = Tuomas.[3]
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    Tarja? I'm not familiar with such member in Nightwish... Oh, wait, she WAS in Nightwish sometime ago :).
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  • Avatar for jennycarolsp
    Tarja 4live <3
  • Avatar for lufesampaio
    Real Nightwish = Tuomas.
  • Avatar for CeeCaar
    Real Nightwish = Tarja Indeeeeeeeeeed! Thank you so much.. I stopped listening completely to nightwish when they kicked her. Just started listening to the older albums again. They're EEEEPIIIIIC!
  • Avatar for grky165
    Nightwish = Tarja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for RaphaelZombie
    Real Nightwish = Tarja
  • Avatar for kajak5
    I love chorus <3
  • Avatar for Toukey
    Every time this song comes on I have to stop whatever I am doing at 00:34 and just listen to Tarja's wonderfully powerful voice. Such beauty. Amazing song.
  • Avatar for Porpentina
    Wow, hadn't heard this song for years, nostalgia overdose...
  • Avatar for s-l-v
    <3 it !!! Nightwish 4ever!!!
  • Avatar for camo1980
    One of my favorite NW songs.
  • Avatar for Vedmedd
    Зи безд!
  • Avatar for Arblade
    This song rocks \m/!!!
  • Avatar for iSui
    One of the best NW songs ever!
  • Avatar for korotkova001
  • Avatar for jerkjones
    all the real NW fans are too busy swooning over Amaranth and Nemo to check it out
  • Avatar for DreadfulYgg
    A lot of their better material never made it to their full-length albums, and this is one of them. =)
  • Avatar for FitzInc
    It's strange that one of their best songs is't featured on any LP :O
  • Avatar for Gordoroth
    Stop calling the power metal (WITH GIRLS) symphonic for god sake.
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    p-o-w-e-r m-e-t-a-l, stop tagging this as symphonic ;]
  • Avatar for Norguy
    Help! i cant download this song on Itunes!! =C
  • Avatar for Ondra24
    totally underrated. [6] Love this song!
  • Avatar for gEexTaH
    Indeed, totally underrated... This song should be at least in the top 10
  • Avatar for RozynDragon
    This song deserves to be so much more than being #62 on the Nightwish charts :(
  • Avatar for VerkkoVirta
    totally underrated. [5]
  • Avatar for tartainia
    This track did NOT feature on Century Child....Strange.
  • Avatar for tartainia
    Its only underrated by the uneducated (1) WE know its awesome!
  • Avatar for BRWs00N
    totally underrated. [4]
  • Avatar for JimKnopf-
    Nice riffs <3
  • Avatar for tartainia
    Unbelievable that this classic from the wishmasters never appeared on a "real" album.


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