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    blah blah blah
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    Обожаю эту группу!
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    Amazing Show at Download!
  • Avatar for R_Victor
    Feel For You ♥
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    ... i like my inconsistent use of apostrophes in that last post.
  • Avatar for shodan21
    v nobodys making the episode because nobody's reading this mostly dead site.
  • Avatar for DorianVonEden
    @shodan21 Or he might just sing While Your Lips Are Still Red, or the Eva demo, and let the gals' ears bleed to death. Gosh, why isn't anyone making a Celebrity Deathmatch episode out of this?
  • Avatar for EmeraldIsland
    WOW Nightwish very Early songs were hilarious lyricaly .... It Would be Nice if Floor sung Elvenpath or Tutankhamen or BETTER ! Master Passion Greed that would be hell of great kick ass .
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    @dorian also marco may be old, but i bet hes got more fight in him than that. also he could just swing his bass wildly and probably knock someone out.
  • Avatar for shodan21
    v you must be new here :p
  • Avatar for witch_possessed
    Nightwish might be the lamest thing ever to happen to metal but this shoutbox is just brutal
  • Avatar for DorianVonEden
    Ask Tuomas: he's the one who lost his Innocence to the Hand of the Poet (OUCH!).
  • Avatar for nDroae
    Hmm... that seems to correlate well with TheWrathofThor's comment about men needing tampons @
  • Avatar for DorianVonEden
    I think Babymetal wouldn't have much trouble taking down Tuomas (‘cause he's more girly than they are), Emppu (‘cause he's more baby-sized than they are), Marco (‘cause he's elderly), Troy (‘cause he'd be drunk on Imaginaerum wine anyway) and Jukka (‘cause of sleep deprivation), but then Floor… Well, Floor wouldn't have problems beating the crap out of all the NW guys PLUS Babymetal at once and then still have the brute strength to fistfuck both TheWrathOfThor and nDroae for typing "female fronted metal" out loud. Oh, and now me too. Guys, let's run for our lives while Suzuka keeps her busy.
  • Avatar for witch_possessed
    6 on 3 handicap match! Nightwish is the fav against Babymetal
  • Avatar for shodan21
    vvv speaking of which...
  • Avatar for l_cmps
    Oceanborn, Wishmaster e Century Child >>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Avatar for nDroae
    It's kind of refreshing to see someone have the balls to call "female fronted metal" a genre
  • Avatar for TheWrathofThor
    Serious question - who do you think would win in a fight - the entire lineup of Nightwish vs. the 3 girls from babymetal?......My money's on Babymetal
  • Avatar for TheWrathofThor
    Dont know if you guys are aware but on 23rd June UK is having a a referendum to decide if female fronted metal is officially the worst type of metal there is
  • Avatar for Callista06
    Tarja ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  • Avatar for nDroae
    Alan Young, voice of Scrooge McDuck, has died at age 96; no acknowledgement from Nightwish. I guess Tuomas only read the manga and didn't watch the anime. P.S. This shoutbox is so awesome now
  • Avatar for CGholy
    My favourite band got replaced by the original members, then they changed their name to MKS, then they got replaced again by three japanese school girls and they changed the name to Babymetal.
  • Avatar for CGholy
    I wouldn't mind seeing them live again. I would have loved to have seen live when Anette was their lead singer but oh well.
  • Avatar for AshtonWCE
    Imaginaerum and Century Child >>>>>
  • Avatar for Kurt_K
    It took me about 5 listens of Endless Forms Most Beautiful for it to grow on me, but now I'm starting to think it's my favorite Nightwish album.
  • Avatar for R_Victor
    Scaretale <3
  • Avatar for Purple-hime
    Last album is great ❤️
  • Avatar for alinerockbullet
    endless love.
  • Avatar for comate11
    I listeing lot of music but this is probably worst thing i ever heared
  • Avatar for CGholy
    Endless Forms Most Beautiful not count?
  • Avatar for Luifeml94
    Once > Wishmaster > Imaginaerum > Oceanborn > Dark Passion Play > Bless The Child > Angels Fall First
  • Avatar for LarixLecter
    Angels Fall First <3
  • Avatar for CGholy
    I saw a tarja CD in HMV, but bought two albums from Black Sabbath instead.
  • Avatar for st-lilith
    hamster, a dentist, hard porn, Steven seagull \m/
  • Avatar for shodan21
    man, lacuna coil's new songs are pretty sweet. house of shame is clearly a page out of fear factory's playbook:
  • Avatar for jeffncosta
  • Avatar for DouglaStormrage
  • Avatar for Gerduin
    Ghost Love Score is my favourite.
  • Avatar for jerkjones
  • Avatar for nDroae
    Uhhhhhh, well, new propaganda for the Church of Nightwism is underway: Here is an amazing fan meet & greet photo with Marco & Floor: And I missed that Tarja put out a preview clip of her new AOR single four days ago... I can't think of anything worth saying about it.
  • Avatar for DorianVonEden
    It's Nightwish's shoutbox: what else do you think we could talk about? The music?
  • Avatar for kekiku
    Lol why is this shoutbox so gossipy
  • Avatar for DorianVonEden
    The account would seem legit: he's friends on Facebook with Liv, Carmen Elise and… er… Liv's grandmother, I guess? (Or is it Liv herself without make up and Photoshop? I don't know). Things are really getting juicy here!
  • Avatar for nDroae
    Alright, someone posted this in the... let's call it the Leavebox (cuz everyone leaves Leaves' Eyes) and then deleted it: Apparently her father's full name is Ove Henning Bloch Espenæs, but that might be a fake smear account. Other than that it's just Liv being sad on Facebook. And one assumes that if all was as well between them as the initial weak PR post indicated, there would at least have been a farewell tour. It's not like anyone but Alex could kick Liv out against her will (which it clearly was, based on her own statements).
  • Avatar for DorianVonEden
    Do we have any sources about marital problems, beside the selfie Alex took with the new chick? ‘Cause my gossipy metal blog would thrive with that!
  • Avatar for nDroae
    Oh boy celebrity gossip is so metal! Weeeee! Well, Atrocity is Alex's band, and Leaves' Eyes has always been just Liv plus whoever's in Atrocity. Many Atrocity fans have always seen Leaves' Eyes as that band's embarrassing feminine alter ego. I would have thought that the name Leaves' Eyes would belong to Liv, but evidently not!
  • Avatar for CGholy
    Looks like there's going to be a divorce!
  • Avatar for Piotr1981
    @DorianVanEden I thought it was Liv's band (which would have made it even weirder)? On the other hand I'm no expert on LE...


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