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Added by cryforthemoon on 24 May 2007
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  • leoohnesorge

    Anette > tarja [4] Well, go to Tarja's page then. Anette is in the band, you like it or not. :) [4]

    3 Jan 2012 Reply
  • DorianVonEden

    v Oh come on, AnnChess... you're wasting your time. It's quite clear that when she dyed her hair pink her brain turned into bubble gum.

    3 Jan 2012 Reply
  • AnnChess

    @Awenie I bet you haven't even listened to Imaginaerum, or even bothered to think why the band chose Anette. You just assume that because she doesn't have Tarja's voice, she sucks. This woman has an amazing talent. I think that if the old Nightwish had an old singer like Anette, and a new singer like Tarja, you would complain about the difference in their voices. There's no use comparing either of them because of their different talents. You should be thankful for Anette joining the band. She's grown so strong, and has learned not to listen to Tarjatards like you. Tarja is talented, and if you REALLY want her back, then listen to her solo career and the old songs instead of wasting your time on the internet whining. And I like Tuomas's hat.

    9 Dec 2011 Reply
  • TheFerG95

    Anette > tarja [3] Well, go to Tarja's page then. Anette is in the band, you like it or not. :) [4]

    30 Nov 2011 Reply
  • WHiteHandcz

    Anette > tarja [2] Well, go to Tarja's page then. Anette is in the band, you like it or not. :) [3]

    28 Nov 2011 Reply
  • nanne_br

    Well, go to Tarja's page then. Anette is on the band, you like it or not. :)

    10 Oct 2011 Reply
  • dee1502dee

    Anzone got this bigger >_> i cant find it anywhere

    13 Sep 2010 Reply
  • NaeryA

    I'm so sorry for Tarja's fangirls :) Being mean towards Anette will not change the fact that she is part of the band now, so please go to Tarja's page and get a life. I don't see the point to still be angry about it FIVE years after ;)

    18 Jul 2010 Reply
  • Saerwen-

    Anette > tarja

    7 Jun 2010 Reply
  • rudzia94

    Pff... I don't like Anette :( Only Tarja :**

    27 May 2010 Reply
  • WinzikkerFufu

    @ Senetiel you might be right, but still: I'm allowed to say what I think, hm? So why do you write this, do you think anyone wo said that he hates the new album will be sorry now and stop? No, I don't think so. And I hate Annette's voice and how she looks, she looks like my grandma, I guess I miss Tarja so much.

    26 May 2010 Reply
  • JustDoll

    EPIC EPIC EPIC fail..... yeap...

    4 May 2010 Reply
  • Siso94

    To all who are against NW: if you are reading this, surely you are a Nightwish fan, so do no bury your favourite band and accept it as it is now. Your bad criticism won't help NW and their songs which you like. You may hate the new album, but still you are a Nightwish fan who is watching NW photos:) My advice: be more optimistic about future songs. [2] Indeed <3 Nice shot, but sometimes I really, really wish that not every single commercial photo would be enhanced. It's a pity, they would look good without it :/

    21 Feb 2010 Reply
  • BSQ16

    "there's my grandma again " I agree...jajaja XD you have so much reason..mucha razon

    12 Apr 2009 Reply
  • baroness13

    Anette = epic fail lol

    10 Apr 2009 Reply
  • Tata_is_my_namE

    Legume666 = fail...get a life

    9 Apr 2009 Reply
  • S-ko

    Солистка фи!!!!

    26 Mar 2009 Reply
  • Lovelycom

    Суппер! Молодцы!

    22 Mar 2009 Reply
  • Fuck_you_Baby


    11 Mar 2009 Reply
  • kitvon

    fucking Zorro

    5 Feb 2009 Reply
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