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There are 2 artist sharing that name:
1) NIGHT ON EARTH, Greece (official profile in last.fm is under the name: Night On Earth Gr)
2) NIGHT ON EARTH, Austria
3) Night on Earth, Daytona Beach

1) NIGHT ON EARTH is a greek group that emerged from an improvisation that was performed live by Paracrousis, a devoted post-music sound-terrorist collective.

Their musical style can be portrayed as a puzzle of trip hop and blues noir, tuned in a jazzy mood, under an improvising spirit; entering trippy and moody soundscapes that echo cinematic references.

Their sound is more influenced by the images of Jim Jarmusch and Wong Kar Wai than a specific musical movement. Their live shows are occasionally accompanied by visuals, short films and performance.

Night On Earth is a group consisted by eight musicians of diverse musical backrounds and influences. Apart from their full-band performances, they also perform with another two projects. Under the name -Night On Earth 'In a silent way'- they play as an acoustic trio and as -Night On Earth ‘impro’- members of the band improvise alongside with guest musicians.

In November of 2006 their debut self-titled double album was released under the independent greek label 'Outlandish Recordings'. Two tracks of the album have also contributed to the score of 'Roz' (Pink), a film by Alexandros Voulgaris.

The Official Page of Greek Night On Earth in Last.fm is under the name Night On Earth Gr

2) NIGHT ON EARTH was a Crossover-Band in the 90s from Bruck/Mur, Austria. They sounded similar to Rage Against The Machine.

3) A couple of buttholes.

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