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There are at least five different bands using the name Niflheim.

1) An Australian black metal band that released one album back in 1997 and then broke-up. They also released one demo, one VHS and a split 7" with Antichrist. Lyrics focused on Viking and Scandinavian Tales and Mythology; with the music being orthodox black metal with occasional acoustic interludes. Vocalist, guitarist and bassist Skadi is renowned for being one of the best female black metal vocalists of all time; delivering a raspy vocal delivery of pure blasphemy.

2) A French symphonic power metal band created in 2003. Official website:

3) A Canadian band from Québec which was formed in 2005 by Orion and Neptune. Musically they make . Now known as Gris.
They released 4 demos and a full length called Neurasthénie.

4) A black metal band from the Quad Cities, IL who broke up in 2004 after releasing an EP.

5) Finally there is a South Korean melodic black metal band formed in 2001.

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