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  • Avatar for bobo9390
    fun stuff
  • Avatar for KonataYumiko
    This is Metal.
  • Avatar for Tuberkulloosi
    Sounds amazing after a three year lasting break I had from listening to them. The music has also a lot more to offer to me now.
  • Avatar for nordagon
    It is fucking METAL!!!!
  • Avatar for sarco_pl
    No offence but sometimes they sound like old-Destruction cover band.
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Niiiiiiiiiice black metal from Sweden!
  • Avatar for MIIIERDA-
  • Avatar for MegaDave89
  • Avatar for DARKZSOU7
    Hope they still have this at the Saint Vitus show in March.
  • Avatar for Neuralblastoma
    much satan such lucifer very darkness
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    oh hey look its on ebay... who knew, and its bid up to beyond $60 already ... anyway its on youtube in 128kbps. it's ok.
  • Avatar for unholydeath
    It's available for mailorder from TPL Records too.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    its just going to get hawked on auction sites for $50.
  • Avatar for Qkko-
    New MLP out, avalaible only at concerts.
  • Avatar for EuanDemonStorm
    They posted a picture on the website ( with the caption 'recording', so a new album/ep/split might not be too far off.
  • Avatar for Throsh
    Incredible! can't wait to see them in October.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    @fistulator only envoy of lucifer is like that, unless servants of darkness is too, ive never heard that one. the brothers are well known as iron maiden maniacs. i hope they release a new album sometime but i doubt it will happen anytime soon.
  • Avatar for excellentsword
    Like any of their photos are good.
  • Avatar for celtiberic
    Downvote this main... its terrible
  • Avatar for Ca_Nihil
    ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Avatar for Fistulator
    Sounds absolutely like Iron Maiden turned into black metal era Bathory. 666.
  • Avatar for Siffie91
    check out this group for exploring and sharing superb Old School Metal!
  • Avatar for M-Morbid
    One of the best Swedish bands!
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    sometimes before their 30s...
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    v no it is not obvious, you know some men start to show receding hairlines after their 30's do you?.
  • Avatar for Altars
    Their foreheads, isn't it obvious by now?
  • Avatar for dark_wisdom
    What's suppossed to be funny about nifelheim? it looks like most people in this shoutbox never saw a guy wearing leather, spikes and make up before
  • Avatar for SlaveOfN1l
    Foreheads are krieg
  • Avatar for darkgnome
  • Avatar for BANDITOATTACK
    nah it's pretty funny.
  • Avatar for ritualsodomizer
    ''They are the caricature of black metal. Very funny.'' There is nothing ''funny'' in Nifelheim. Fuck off!
  • Avatar for Siffie91
    Try to Join if you think you listen to Killer Metal!
  • Avatar for SLF_KeKs
    They are the caricature of black metal. Very funny.
  • Avatar for SurfinIndiana
    "dat foreheads" Male pattern baldness is totally kvlt. Skullets just give you more room for your horns.
  • Avatar for elementos
    Everyone should check out Hellbutcher's new band
  • Avatar for Thauras
    they have to release some new stuff
  • Avatar for vermin-terror
    dat foreheads [666]
  • Avatar for NK218
    If someone asks you "what is metal?" you have to show him this. Clenched Fist is such a poor boy.
  • Avatar for chrisdeg
    dat foreheads [2]
  • Avatar for monisiowaty
    haha funny
  • Avatar for Iezuz
    Nifunheim. They put the "fun" back in "funeral".
  • Avatar for DevilsGrip
    There is nothing "fun" in Nifelheim. Fuck off.
  • Avatar for Gashcadarn
    I've never really listened to this band, but it's quite fun! Storm Of The Reaper is a great song.
  • Avatar for Clenched_Fist
    If someone asks you "what is metal?" you have to show him this.
  • Avatar for cannibal_carrot
    I am the sodomizer, and I will be on top!
  • Avatar for Slayer-Fan
    Nunraping Black Thrashing Madness from Hell
  • Avatar for Daltroliver
    lucifarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahahhahahahhahah
  • Avatar for Daltroliver
  • Avatar for chrisdeg
    metal the way it should be: fast, filthy and satanic. [5]
  • Avatar for DJ_Blasfemik
    Hysterical as fuck and pure metal!


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