• Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

    23 Dec 2006, 19:04 by IMTrick

    Every year around this time, I get to break out some of the CD's it's just not temporally appropriate to play most of the year. That doesn't mean I haven't cranked a few of 'em in the car in mid-July, but if I do it's usually with the windows rolled up to avoid disapproving stares from people who think Christmas music should only be played between the last Thursday in November and December 25th.

    Here's a quick run-down of the ones getting the most spins this year:

    Christmas Eve and Other Stories

    I still think the first of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas trilogy is the best, though their other two Christmas CD's (The Lost Christmas Eve and The Christmas Attic) get their fair share of turntable time.

    Oi to the World

    As you may be able to tell from my charts, I'm a big fan of The Vandals. There's something I really love about the way they can come off as intelligent and mindlessly juvenile at the same time. This one's also great for the shock value, with such yuletide gems as Hang Myself from the Tree