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  • <3 'The Fox'..........but it has 0 scrobbles.........
  • they're so astonishing...listen to this side
  • ok is it me or does the guy (I apoligise for not knoiwing names) but does he have difernt colored eyes??? look on the nickel creek album cover
  • Young should be so much higher on the top tracks list.
  • They make me so happy <
  • They put on an amazing show in Mobile, AL last night. I was more than impressed with their performance. This is a GREAT band!
  • <3333
  • Radiohead playing bluegrass. It's awesome, is perfect!!
  • Anyone who uses mandolin and fiddle in their band is awesome. I really wish there were more groups out there like NC.
  • me too... definitely amazing.
  • I saw chris thile perform with edgar meyer at my college. It was easily one of the most incredible things i've ever heard!
  • <333
  • Best band ever, or one of the best
  • Such beautiful music.
  • I missed these guys at Cambridge this year, and now I'm kicking myself. 'Why Should The Fire Die?' is one of the single best albums I've ever heard. Good going, Nickel Creek.
  • Yeah, so Nickel Creek is good, that is what you were trying to figure out right? Cause if not, go type in their shoutbox. but you konw, What ever
  • :]
  • blink-182 said 'hiatus', and they lied.
  • they are breaking up at the end of 2007 I just read on their myspace sad.
  • Definately a great show. Worth checking out.
  • Simpy the best group out there.
  • I look forward to seeing them at Cambridge Folk Festival.
  • their cover of toxic is amazing
  • These guys are super.
  • Sara's voice is heavenly. I melt every time I hear her sing.
  • Saw em' in Lawrence Last night. Best performance ever.


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