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"That's a power drill", Nick responds, when questioned about a particular sound in one of his tracks. "It took me ages to tune it. I had to charge the thing and then drill thin air until the batteries ran out just the right amount."

Never one to follow trends, Nick grew up on a steady diet of Queen and Peter Gabriel whilst still joining others moshing to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Macking to Mark Morrison, whilst playing guitar in funk, punk or cock rock bands. At some stage Nick found himself DJing at a party, and realising this as a way of showing people that a Van Halen track could sound great next to Jump Around, started getting serious about it. A shareware version of Acid Pro soon followed, and the production started rolling.

With 30 odd releases, 2 Mix CDs, a Breakspoll Award, his music used on Toyota car ads and the 'CSI' TV show, and a back catalogue being played by everyone from breakbeat dons the Plump DJs, freakout funksters The Cuban Brothers, and baltimore godfather Scottie B, Nick Thayer is no stranger to variety. With a full length artist album due this year one can only make vague gestures as to style or content, but one thing is for sure: 'pretty much what I expected' will not be a term that is bandied about.

Nick Thayer has performed everwhere from worldwide superclubs such as Fabric, Home, and Ministry of Sound through to dingy bars in far flung corners of Eastern Europe or North America. But ask him his favourite club to play and without hesitation he says 'The Late Show' at Revolver in Melbourne. A resident there for six years now, Nick has used the club as a testing ground for anything that comes out of his studio, not to mention live shows and side projects. When asked why it is his favourite, Nick simply shrugs and says "there is no other club like it in the world."

So what can you expect from Nick Thayer? 'The unexpected' is an answer often given in these situations, but not here. It would be too ironic. Rather, expect a musical version of top shelf liquor. Three times better than the house standard and it'll leave you feeling like you're the one worth six figures.
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