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Nick Drake

Poor Boy (6:08)


  • http://vsjakoraznopapashura.blogspot.com/
  • Doris Troy and Pat Arnold do the backup vocals on Poor Boy. Doris Troy had a hit single in the 60's called Just One Look. Pat is better known a P.P. Arnold. Ray Warleigh plays alto sax and Chris McGregor plays piano. Mike Kowalski - drums Pat Arnold and Doris Troy - backing vocals
  • I think this track would've been better without so many instruments and voices and around 3 minutes shorter. But I'm sure I'll end up loving it once I listen to it enough.
  • I believe this is the best song on Bryter Layter. In my opinion, Nick's weakest album.
  • This is awesome.
  • So bossa nova! (I love it! =D)
  • the choirs/background voice is it bette midler? can anyone tell? im dying to know. love this song
  • The sax on this track is killer.


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