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  • Avatar for BrunoLuis1
  • Avatar for Storchel
    Love it.....
  • Avatar for boogiedroid
    shit hot song
  • Avatar for brutus_1889
    the song that made me worship Nick Drake [2]
  • Avatar for MartianReaper
    ''the darkness can give the brightest light'' my favorite Nick Drake's song
  • Avatar for Angel_Blue-
    all his lyrics are incredibly amazing
  • Avatar for helldriverZJ
    so depressingly beautiful
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Great song
  • Avatar for minoesj
    Lyrically, melodically and vocally a real treasure.
  • Avatar for helldriverZJ
    the lyrics is so good
  • Avatar for wolfy76484
    such a haunting voice
  • Avatar for lexums
    Telling his own future.
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    The strings add a touch of sepia that enhances the mood of the song, the passing of time & memory.
  • Avatar for Cocteauholic
    "Life is just a memory happened long ago"...
  • Avatar for venicechance
    A gorgeous melody.
  • Avatar for 1amity
    "Fruit tree, fruit tree. No-one knows you but the rain and the air. Don't you worry, they'll stand and stare when you're gone". Is this not the saddest and truest line ever sung?
  • Avatar for hellasiq42069
    Great song, I prefer his songs without all of the overproduction though. I have a great demo from him with about 24 songs, all with just the guitar and the voice.
  • Avatar for burningwaffles
    what a voice..
  • Avatar for goodnightmeko
    Still so fucking beautiful even though I haven't listened to it in weeks.
  • Avatar for lfsc25
    The history of his life.
  • Avatar for mottly
    I have to add all his songs to my loves! What amazing artist!!! Gone way too soon...
  • Avatar for bobgreen623
    Very beautiful indeed. I don't know how much prescience there is in the lyrics, but it's still very moving, even more so when you know where it all ended. I love this song, but I wonder how it would sound had he done it on Pink Moon i.e. somewhat more anguished and with just the guitar
  • Avatar for DGC1983
    The stringed orchestra seem louder on than usual..,?
  • Avatar for Oppressotron
    I've been in such a good mood. Till now... (2) HA! That will teach you for listening to Nick Drake! If that's the case please stay away from Elliot Smith, joy division and countless other acts where the artist takes himself deep because people don't take him seriously.
  • Avatar for aVoiDer
    I've been in such a good mood. Till now...
  • Avatar for instinct_decay
  • Avatar for arglactable
    This would be SO MUCH better without the strings.
  • Avatar for PaulosG
  • Avatar for Hellraiser917
  • Avatar for CocteauEssence
    Beyond beautiful.......
  • Avatar for Simon_FM
    'They'll know that you were here when you're gone'. Scary. [2] Very - that's Nick.
  • Avatar for prc5039
    still my favorite nick drake song i think...beautiful and heartbreaking
  • Avatar for theusedrock94
    i love it
  • Avatar for Mahglazzies
  • Avatar for bexestabueno
    sooooo great
  • Avatar for pjbird
  • Avatar for Fleurquin
    Just found out that Robert Kirby, the guy who wrote the string arrangements on Nick's albums, recently died. Decided to listen to this in his honour. What an amazing talent. RIP.
  • Avatar for shaantigraphics
  • Avatar for Elkman75
    so very much ahead of his time
  • Avatar for davidgoosey
    the orchestration is so beautifull
  • Avatar for yelya
    this song is anxiety dragging at my heart-strings... how touching!
  • Avatar for HendrixFan42
    amazing song
  • Avatar for TweeLittleThing
    'They'll know that you were here when you're gone'. Scary.
  • Avatar for ukulelelab
  • Avatar for Campari_Red
    wow, his voice is so melancholic and peaceful
  • Avatar for hotdognights
  • Avatar for Mountainrocker
    c'est magnifique
  • Avatar for martinbrauner
    Come back ....
  • Avatar for zawalleopold
    frisson du matin
  • Avatar for moebiusdick
    Oboes should be used far more. Reminds me of Donovan too.


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