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  • Avatar for nick_honest
    great song
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar for TuneBlendR
    Classic lp
  • Avatar for JerryZola25
    the true master
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    a vee raiyde
  • Avatar for DonkeyHotai
    @antonjr: ... won't you give me ... a free ride
  • Avatar for PreparedChris
    I feel like a lot of music today sounds like him, he invented it. like iron and wine, he must be influenced by nick drake.
  • Avatar for TrowaBarton888
    Best singer /songwriter ever imho. May you rest in peace Mr. Drake
  • Avatar for boehj
  • Avatar for Enokii
    haha v I always find it funny how he says some words.
  • Avatar for antonjr
    wont you give me.. a sree rayed?
  • Avatar for kelspooky
    i actually have no words for how great this is. (2) The funny thing is that I said exactly the same about him a few days ago in the main page. I cannot describe how good his music is, and how it touches me so deep inside... rest in peace sweet little boy.
  • Avatar for Colin_in_Mexico
  • Avatar for snuphotography
    i can't believe i never heard of him b4 lastfm seriously the last year been hearing him that;s it...SAD
  • Avatar for Oppressotron
    Drake is awesome! I'm oh-so-happy that I got into his stuff. Sure, it's not for everyone and yes you'll want to up your meds after a hours listening but that's part of the ride peeps. That fine line between genius and insanity has to be dabbled with at times. Nick knew that.
  • Avatar for rick_scha
    i actually have no words for how great this is.
  • Avatar for ausjaylia
  • Avatar for Cozfunkel
    I must remember this song
  • Avatar for dakotaboo
    heavenly voice and guitar playing
  • Avatar for sovie00s
    own so perfect!
  • Avatar for Aomx
    this is just breathtaking, what a singer and what a brilliant guitar player he was...
  • Avatar for way2blues
    Its a bit funny to realize that all these short length songs consume a major portion of my time ...awesome
  • Avatar for anthonycombes
    Elliott Smith has ( sadly ) taken up his muse...and shone just as brightly!
  • Avatar for csoares5
    Like father like son... art lives in the genes, but lives free behond then
  • Avatar for EdoardoNevola
    Dolce angelo caduto, sei nel mio cuore per sempre, indimenticabile menestrello.
  • Avatar for juanditoledo09
    Uno de mis mejores descubrimientos
  • Avatar for e_f_k_a
    v nive :)
  • Avatar for kracked
    "Blur's Starshaped borrows the melody heavily" ehhhh no?
  • Avatar for rozao
    um poeta do caralho
  • Avatar for Rob_Hessey
    Definatly on of the best :)
  • Avatar for CarloHaHa
  • Avatar for pat_valeria

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