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  • Avatar for bbbeware
    I forgot about this
  • Avatar for arcade_water
    this album is my therapy
  • Avatar for VadiushaKomarov
    rating 10/10
  • Avatar for haveasadcumbb
    Probably the most perfect album ever recorded
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    A great album, of course, an album that contrasts wonderfully with the lighter, more hopefully Five Leaves Left. But I can't listen to this for pure pleasure, it's too intimate and raw, I get a icy cold feeling when Nick Drake confronts the Black Dog and realizes it's the end.
  • Avatar for caiogroupie
  • Avatar for anaemic_royalty
    A stroke of genius. The album is just the right length to me at 28 min.
  • Avatar for Angel_Blue-
    Beautiful, and I love this cover.
  • Avatar for Haddonfield69
    Classic review at
  • Avatar for JTraill
    703 scrobbles of this album alone and im still listening
  • Avatar for Walter302
  • Avatar for VadiushaKomarov
    rating 10/10
  • Avatar for Juan-k_86
    The moment when Nick says "pink pink pink pink... pink moon" and then enters the piano is one of my favourite moments in music history.
  • Avatar for TheGlow_
    Oh and they go together seamlessly, it's not like it jumps or skips. It's either a special extended release or they've just corrupted perfectly, there's not a single part which sounds wrong or jumpy/skippy/repetitive.
  • Avatar for TheGlow_
    Does anybody else have a different version of the Pink Moon album? On mine the title song is 12:45 and Ride is 17 minutes.. I'm wondering whether my version was some sort of special release or if the album is just corrupted. Either way I'm happy with what I have now.. the songs don't have any additional material but it has repeating sections, his voice is just so soothing that I never actually noticed that the songs went on for considerably more time.
  • Avatar for dajahew1
    hard to believe this album is over 40 years old. short but sweet
  • Avatar for bohemian_chic
    This album IS Nick Drake....
  • Avatar for Drazba
    his best I think--love the simplicity
  • Avatar for firefly2811
    short but brilliant album.
  • Avatar for TabooEv
    depressing but hopeful [5] Ineed!
  • Avatar for Soundservant
    Short, like his life.
  • Avatar for TheSuperCrasher
    This is criminally short, but I love it. One of my all-time favorite albums. Such a big influence.
  • Avatar for phillipkilch316
    Nick drake's best album
  • Avatar for conrad280z
    The greatest music ever made using the simple, common method of guitar and voice. Honestly some of the greatest music ever made in general possibly.
  • Avatar for lamprophonickid
    One of the only perfect albums ever made.
  • Avatar for brendavbraga
    depressing but hopeful [5]
  • Avatar for fank19
    I'm pretty sure that there's nothing no one can do with one guitar and two mics that's gonna sound better than this.
  • Avatar for desastrez
    Redfox, don't be so harsh. It's taste, after all. All of them are awesome in their own right.
  • Avatar for alezucchini
    Easily the best album of the 1970s.
  • Avatar for TizioRandom
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    if there is one timeless album, it is this.
  • Avatar for fank19
    Truly great.
  • Avatar for will-neill
    Criminally short album, but that's sort of fitting considering what happened after this.
  • Avatar for Kleber01z
  • Avatar for BowieIsGod
  • Avatar for scruffian
    like coming home
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    the guitar textures on this album are bananas
  • Avatar for Fran_turunen
    Hermosura pura
  • Avatar for MajorTom1234567
    The rhymes that explains my whole life
  • Avatar for junotolentino
  • Avatar for lilacmerveille
    the sound of my idle summer days.. splendid music
  • Avatar for Harry_01
    Pink Moon is truly amazing and beautiful.
  • Avatar for OctopusGuy
    depressing but hopeful [3]
  • Avatar for occupieddog
    where there is simplicity, there is beauty: this album captures that completely :)
  • Avatar for TheKingofBring
    Beautiful album
  • Avatar for HumHumXX
    "Peaceful", that's the word I was looking for. Thx.
  • Avatar for jughead1960
    So Peaceful ..... the way to chill
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    it's music stripped down to its barest cornerstones and hurts harder than an overblown Phil-Spector-production
  • Avatar for Lone__Wolf
    love his guitar picking. love the voice and poetry.
  • Avatar for Pewizzle
    Is there a more perfect album?


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