• Tuesday Ten: Crimes

    16 Jun 2009, 14:09 by amodelofcontrol

    A list that seemed to grow every time I even thought about it, this one - songs about crime. Perhaps I wasn't specific enough in my initial criteria, but hell, I've got so many I'm going to be covering more than ten this week. Songs about crimes go a long, long, long way back in music, and I'd suspect there is a song about just about any crime you can think of. The only question now is where to start.

    As usual now, there is a Spotify playlist for most of this, here. The Spotify URI is: spotify:user:asw909:playlist:6YqcFdxwHCSE9OfZvhMz6g

    Judas Priest
    Breaking the Law
    British Steel

    So, let's start with the oh-so-slightly-cheesy rock thrills of this legendary track, which has possibly one of the cheapest and tackiest videos ever (robbing banks with guitars, etc). What laws are they breaking? This is never made especially clear, except in the video.

    Public Enemy
    911 Is a Joke
    Fear of a Black Planet

    The first of a number of rap tracks in this list…