• The Soundtrack Of My Life

    3 Jul 2010, 10:30 by Fitzyli

    I ruthlessly plagiarize my friend's idea to list the soundtrack of my (rather short) life. I try to list few 'milestone' songs and artists from the beginning of my life to this day, which are somehow been meaningful to me along the road. I try to be as chronologiсal as I can and remember:

    Britney Spears - Oops! I did it Again This was probably the first album I ever had. Quite embarrassing tho, I think I was a bit girlboy back then. Or something. Horrible, I even remember myself lying in bed and crying while listening to this.

    System of a Down - Prisong Song - This was the first piece of actual music I liked. My big brother used to listen to SOAD all the time, so I was exposed for serious brainwash. Though, I think I really liked them. If I remember right, Toxicity was also the first actual album I listened thorough with thought, and respected the skills of the musicians. I've started to respect the lyrics later also.

    Weezer - Maladroit - This was also my big brother's fault. …