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  • Avatar for nDroae
    He scored The Future is Wild. Squibbons are THE MOST FANTASTIC BEASTS.
  • Avatar for Sheldon--Cooper
    The Friends, Dumbledore's Farewell and Malfoy's Mission ❤👍
  • Avatar for ktmf
    Flight Of The Order Of The Phoenix :D:D
  • Avatar for Chris2PL
    In Noctem ♥
  • Avatar for tblga
    Dumbledore's Farewell !
  • Avatar for WiTHiNt
    well movies are meh but soundtrack is nice :p
  • Avatar for padavanGreg
    Random Harry Potter song!
  • Avatar for Kicek97
    Malfoy's Mission ♥
  • Avatar for BrookBaptiste
    Loved ones and Leaving
  • Avatar for Tempustress
    Snape & The Unbreakable Vow [2]
  • Avatar for Enforcer3000
    Soundtracks from the Half-Blood Prince are the most stressfull. They are just killing me inside, especially Dumbledore's Farewell. The best what I heard. | Треки с Принца Полукровки убивают напрочь. Самая депрессивная музыка, особенно Dumbledore's Farewell. Лучшее, что я слышал.
  • Avatar for ShinobiNoRyuu
    In Noctem. When Ginny Kissed Harry ♥ [4]
  • Avatar for sweet_fairyland
    Dumbledore's Farewell <3 [3]
  • Avatar for yellowgroups
    When Ginny Kissed Harry ♥ [5]
  • Avatar for AmyValerie
    Harry & Hermione
  • Avatar for GreatKenji
    Dumbledore's Farewell <3 [2]
  • Avatar for XxSolitudexX
    Dumbledore's Farewell <3
  • Avatar for Keinutuoli
    When Ginny Kissed Harry ♥ [3]
  • Avatar for Lisabeth_S
    The Weasley Stomp ♥
  • Avatar for thedreamforce
  • Avatar for orangetm
    The Sirius Deception ♥ [2]
  • Avatar for jaquelinejudd
    When Ginny Kissed Harry ♥
  • Avatar for rushoffa
    When Ginny Kissed Harry <3
  • Avatar for checkitout-
    When Ginny Kissed Harry ♥
  • Avatar for The_Scientist89
    Dumbledore's Farewell! epic
  • Avatar for Superdreuzel
    Dumbledores Farewell <3
  • Avatar for Rifacunndes
    Harry & Hermione <3
  • Avatar for sideglance
    The Sirius Deception ♥
  • Avatar for xiao_mei
    Hello, please anyone knows if the original soundtrack of the series Birdsong (BBC 2012) by Nicholas Hooper is available anywhere on the net? I want to buy it ! Thanks!
  • Avatar for oohnana
    Half-Blood Prince soundtrack ♥
  • Avatar for Sasha__Fierce
    Dumbledore's Farewell ♥__♥
  • Avatar for tanyadanya
    In Noctem ♥ [10]
  • Avatar for ShinobiNoRyuu
    Dumbledore's Farewell is so fucking sad!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for DearNoodles
    In Noctem ♥ [9]
  • Avatar for thPelos
    "Dumbledore's Farewell'' {I Like)
  • Avatar for ojenny_
    Dumbledore's Farawell oraz Harry & Hermione - pełne love! <3
  • Avatar for Neil_McCauley_ my opinion...HP soundtracks by Nicholas Hooper are best of all series...brilliant composes, most dramatically, most mature, most touching...withering soul...
  • Avatar for Jigsaw2014
    "Dumbledore's Farewell" and "When Ginny Kissed Harry" ♥
  • Avatar for sextoyzz
    Umbridge Spoils a Beautiful Morning <3
  • Avatar for darkwitch_metal
    In Noctem ♥ [8]
  • Avatar for oohnana
    Dumbledore's Farewell is perfect. [5]
  • Avatar for gpeti1989
    Dumbledore's Farewell is perfect. [4]
  • Avatar for Rafaelsl18
    "Opening" and "Dumbledore's Farewell" makes me cry :(
  • Avatar for brilliant_fly
    Dumbledore's Farewell makes me cry :(
  • Avatar for hhann1e
    Hooper is God!
  • Avatar for LilHunger
    Fireworks ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Avatar for getawayimafraid
    A trilha sonora de A Ordem Da Fênix é uma das melhores da série. *-*
  • Avatar for TheJonatas
    When Ginny Kissed Harry♥
  • Avatar for foolsfallinlove
    In Noctem ♥ [7]
  • Avatar for thecferreira
    Dumbledore's Farewell ♪


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