• Coming Home

    27 May 2006, 11:41 by BobMcCow

    Some artists sound to me like coming home. More than any other, though, is New Order.

    Back in 1993, I had very little interest in music. Aside from childhood loves like Queen, there were few bands that appealed.

    That changed when I heard a compilation tape my cousin made for me. I forget which New Order track I heard first, it could have been Fine Time or Perfect Kiss. But they struck me. They weren't a guitar band or an electronic band. They were fresh, exciting and something that my cousin and I could own, because we didn't know any other New Order fans.

    I remember hearing Regret as a brand new song and realising that although the band had a 10 year career behind them, they were still awesome. I never realised that things were falling apart for them behind the scenes!

    Bernard is a brilliantly inventive guitarist. His playing sounds complex, yet having worked out a few tunes for myself, a lot of it is mind-numbingly simple. …