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  • Avatar for milica_zekavica
    Amazing band.♥
  • Avatar for Remeyes
    awesome band. resolve to fight is.... just amazing!
  • Avatar for mpxx24
    woooooooooooooooo, some good music here!
  • Avatar for Slimer-ok
    Ничё так лабают [1]
  • Avatar for mattimek
    new album is awesome 6/5!
  • Avatar for Downtett
    Fire Up The Night !!
  • Avatar for Sazmurder
    Boy Like Me !!!
  • Avatar for chaquarius
    is matt brady still in this band or not
  • Avatar for shadow_of_bat
    Great album
  • Avatar for mattimek
    + Resolve To Fight +
  • Avatar for CrazyMaisy
    I saw them at Rock Vegas 2012 (September) They are really cute live. Finally got the CD recently. Good disc.
  • Avatar for radowskm
    take a hose, run it from the exhaust pipe of the van (that you packed everything you need in), into the window and start it up. Worst shit I've ever heard in my life. Is there a button for 'hate'?
  • Avatar for ShiverTool
    I almost got to see these guys, but my dad was going to pick me up at 9 and the venue last minute scheduled 3 local bands to play...They are very good though.
  • Avatar for LucaZxD
    has Blink 182 in top 2
  • Avatar for Epsilon_X2008
    This band is so bad
  • Avatar for NataneSeuji
    Cool album! Love it!
  • Avatar for Miiojudo
    Want some new music ;) [2] I cant get enough the album, but I need more! lol
  • Avatar for eric_fg
  • Avatar for Un1bomber
    Saw you guys open for Hollywood Undead, instant fan. Keep coming out with great stuff
  • Avatar for habsss
    good shit
  • Avatar for falkROCKT
    a verse unsung to the max! :D
  • Avatar for kejtiiiii
    Cause you know in rock and roll, I got a PhD, bitch.
  • Avatar for Przem-o87
    Want some new music ;)
  • Avatar for noizicfed
    I saw these guys open, for Crossfade, and New Medicine was just so much better than them. I will see this band headline someday soon.
  • Avatar for heavenston
    Awesome [20]
  • Avatar for Edvardoz
    Awesome [19]
  • Avatar for kejtiiiii
    Awesome! [18]
  • Avatar for mayusha
    Awesome! [17]
  • Avatar for Gabriel__V
    Awesome! [16]
  • Avatar for Naeuigeudae
    Little Sister <3 [2]
  • Avatar for Spadeofqueens
  • Avatar for BradWR
    Wasn't impressed when I first heard them, but after seeing them live, holy shit, these guys rock. Their CD doesn't do them justice.
  • Avatar for Epsilon_X2008
    Bio sucks. somebody change it
  • Avatar for Epsilon_X2008
  • Avatar for xCobra-
    Little Sister <3
  • Avatar for the13thgravegyp
    <3 awesome in concert :)
  • Avatar for SunEclipse
    decent but not awesome
  • Avatar for Jiyoan
    Awesome! [14] 8D
  • Avatar for nikc4
    Saw them yesterday, it was awesome. They opened for Hollywood Undead and then jumped down into the crowd and disappeared into the people until the show was over, then went around selling albums and signing them. Very good time.
  • Avatar for juninho0
    Awesome <3[13] :P
  • Avatar for Miiojudo
    Rich Kids, American Wasted, End of the World, The Takeover ♥
  • Avatar for freesport
    Awesome <3[12] x)
  • Avatar for Beischel
    AWESOME <3[11]
  • Avatar for Naeuigeudae
    Awesome. <3 [9]
  • Avatar for Kacoote
    Awesome. <3 [8]
  • Avatar for MrCookiedeluxe
    Awesome. <3 [7]
  • Avatar for lolokard
    Awesome. <3 [6]
  • Avatar for XorZ
    Awesome. <3 [5]
  • Avatar for Blaise_p
    End Of The World <3
  • Avatar for Ruslan753
    Кульный альбом


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