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  • Avatar for maryannmassacre
    Fuck this song makes me miss summer. Damn MN and it`s super cold winters. ):
  • Avatar for DDprime182
    I love this song & pretty much the entire Coming Home album
  • Avatar for meg20
    I almost forgot about this beautiful song, shame on me :(
  • Avatar for kyedigsme
    Wrapped in a blanket by the pool - that's me!
  • Avatar for RSBlack117
    Love these guys!
  • Avatar for daniayabi
    coming home, truck's stop blues, yeaaaah
  • Avatar for Svenskaboiiiii
    It's not your fault so please stop your crying now.
  • Avatar for DaHaack
    What a sad song. Am I the only one who knows what it's about
  • Avatar for ThePatriotsPwn
    its my fault [2]
  • Avatar for medina209
    its my fault.
  • Avatar for iluvtheAAR
    i had nooo idea they sang this. it only makes me like them more :)
  • Avatar for K53NGAGE
    love this song :)
  • Avatar for nick_vitale
    Such a great song! It never gets old.
  • Avatar for Dunne147
    ohh wow nostalgia I remember watching the video for this song when it first came out
  • Avatar for aprilmayjune_
    i love this so much. in my top 5 favourite songs ever :)
  • Avatar for sonic429
    I've head this song countless times but for some reason i thought a different band made this, wow anothoer NFG song I like besides "my friends over you"
  • Avatar for brootalwafful
    i saw them live recently, they played this song and it sounded about 10x better than the album version (which is a great version, none the less). i think it was the way jordan sang it, but it was mesmerizing
  • Avatar for rudi18
    love the drums
  • Avatar for knight_88
  • Avatar for theamazonman
    awesome song!
  • Avatar for hitormissagain
    It was a cold California, even in the summer.
  • Avatar for skittleskiller
    It's not your fault so please stop your crying now. =)
  • Avatar for article82
    Coming Home is a very strange album. When it first came out I couldn't listen to it a whole lot. I got easily bored. Now I'd say it's one of my favourite albums. This isn't my favourite track from the album, but it really does stick in your head. Not as upbeat as they usually are, but there is a whole different kind of genius here. It's better that than have a dozen albums that all sound the same.
  • Avatar for Tom-Hales
    Love the sound of NFG on this melodic!!
  • Avatar for OrdealByFire
    They have better songs, but this isn't bad.
  • Avatar for ZJ345
    Great song :)
  • Avatar for emmy_x
    seeing them in august is going to be amazing :) nfg ftw.
  • Avatar for frootypebbles87
    Sorry to burst your bubble but, it is your fault.
  • Avatar for raphegday
    I love it :)
  • Avatar for Koen_KickAss
    love this song!!!
  • Avatar for iluvtheAAR
    had this song stuck in my head but i couldnt remember the name, it is really good, love it lots xD yay! nfg forever
  • Avatar for feco182
    best song from Coming Home
  • Avatar for rodrigoshigueki
  • Avatar for jakhole
    makes me wanna cry... kind of.
  • Avatar for niiick_
    um das melhores deles..
  • Avatar for tian0152
    Good !!!
  • Avatar for masticar1966
    Amazing !!!
  • Avatar for soledad17
  • Avatar for menghuan1943
    I love it
  • Avatar for e3mm
    i love the acoustic version of this song
  • Avatar for sccrguyo821
    love this song!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for KTG2009
  • Avatar for Allikkamies
    such a beautiful song
  • Avatar for nahcjason
    Great track, makes me remember everything will be good.
  • Avatar for fennder
    : ) It is a very pretty song, makes me smile
  • Avatar for punkrockerzclub
    its not your fault this is one of the worst
  • Avatar for HeadinHands
    great song
  • Avatar for Born1987
    very, very good!!!
  • Avatar for alessandroBR
    so alegria e som otimo
  • Avatar for xnena_mire
    great <3


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