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This Chicago band started out as The Patsmen in 1964 playing a British invasion sound. The travelled to California in 1965 but returned to Chicago forming their own Centaur (later Sentar) label in 1966. In 1966 they sounded very punkish with a strong Animals - Them influence. Their first album, in particular is very much in this vein and originals are very rare and sought-after. Its reissue by Eva has made it more accessible. The second is more poppy but contains a fine cover of The Yardbirds' classic Mister You're A Better Man Than I. Later they signed to Mercury during 1967 and developed into a successful harmony ballad/soft rock act which continued recording well into the 1970s. Over the years they enjoyed much minor chart success and one Top Twenty hit, Things I'd Like To Say.

In 1967, Ray Graffia produced a single for The Prophets. In 1969, Graffia and Chic James left the New Colony Six and joined up with former member Craig Kemp to form the Raymond John Michael Band, which eventually released three singles. Patrick McBride later worked at Plynth Studios in the Chicago area. In 1975, the New Colony Six finally stopped rockin'.

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