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There are at least two artists who have used this name.

1. NEVER LAND is a three-piece Japanese rock band that that was active from February 2004 to January 2007.

They formed in late 2003 with leader Akihide Sato (佐藤彰秀, ex-FAIRY FORE) on vocals and guitar, Hitoshi (日寿, ex-JZEIL) on bass, and Makoto Motoki (本木誠, ex-PlatinA Forest) on drums. In February of 2004 they had their first live at club asia in Shibuya. They also released their first demonstration CD at this live. They released their second and third demonstration CDs in May of that year, and had their first one-man live in November.

They had their second one-man live in February of 2005, on what was essentially the anniversary of their first live, and also gave a free DVD to those in attendance to mark the occasion. In august of that year, they had their first (and only) proper release of their career, the mini-album "Beautiful Days". They held a special one-man live for it's release at the end of July, titled "Beautiful Night" at which the album was available for advance sale. Also in celebration of this release, the band's website was moved to its current URL and was given what would be the last facelift it would receive during their activity.

They had three more one-man lives in 2005. At the end of September, they had their first acoustic one-man, "NATURAL". Later, in November, they held "Sleepless Night" and gave away another DVD to mark the anniversary of their first one-man live. They closed out the year with their second acoustic live, "NATURAL vol. 2".

2006 got off to a rough start for them. Their first live of the year, "-Precious Night-" was cancelled. Hitoshi had been hospitalized after suddenly collapsing during a rehearsal with his other band, GrimLopEar29Q. (He later revealed on his blog that it was due to a pneumothorax.) Akihide and Makoto performed without him at one event, and then the band took a short hiatus. Also at this event, they released the first issue of "aoi tori shimbun" ("blue bird newspaper").

-Precious Night- was rescheduled for March, and a free CD (ningyo hime) was given to those in attendance, as was the second issue of "aoi tori shimbun". In June, they released their fourth demonstration CD, and the third issue of "aoi tori shimbun". They had one more one-man live that year, in September, at which they released their fifth demonstration CD and what would be the final issue of "aoi tori shimbun".

After October, the band went silent, until December 21. They announced they were disbanding. They held a final one-man live on January 31, 2007. Those in attendance received their final demonstration CD.

Akihide can currently be found playing guitar as a member of BREAKERZ and as a support member for Acid Black Cherry. Hitoshi retired from music in march of 2007, his last live (officially) playing support for DAIGO☆STARDUST. Makoto has played with and ever-growing list of bands, most recently with Lyrical Call, Ashurry and ル→ズビッツ.

NEVER LAND's official website can still be found at Akihide has a personal website, which can be found at; Makoto has one as well, at

2. NEVER LAND is also the name of a Japanese Hip Hop unit.

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