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  • Avatar for Javinry
    The is the most sheer genius part of this very good album because it goes attached to the best song "Two Headed Boy" and fits perfectly, it creates so much ambient. The instrumentation is sublime.
  • Avatar for enxe3
    I love this song and how it follows the previous one <3
  • Avatar for privetplastik
    it's a scary one, like man realizes what he've done and how stupid he is now with his movements
  • Avatar for TrafficRiot911
    great instrumental
  • Avatar for lis_sofobia
    Yann Tiersen covering Ennio Moricone [3] precisely
  • Avatar for exogenote
  • Avatar for AH4OYS
  • Avatar for enid_coleslaw_
    idk why but this song reminds me of james ensor paintings. especially "the entry of christ into brussels"
  • Avatar for Sharenge
    The Fool? Sounds like The Feel to me.
  • Avatar for klikN64
    "Snake had a hard life"
  • Avatar for VGKS
  • Avatar for JanitorOfWar
    this song always makes me think of a funeral procession for the field-mice king
  • Avatar for GodDamnTheSwan
    LOVE this theme... Feels a little like a communist post-war march.
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    the origin of Beirut
  • Avatar for rella987
    deez horns
  • Avatar for AceOfSpades24
    like some strange psychedelic funeral march
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    Yann Tiersen covering Ennio Moricone [2]
  • Avatar for houghster27
    Scott Spillane is a legend!
  • Avatar for t3hpez
    drives me crazy
  • Avatar for houghster27
    it's no untitled, but it is very good
  • Avatar for kentanous
    I love this band absolutely!
  • Avatar for xTYLERisMETALx
  • Avatar for imarealist
    this is a funeral song.
  • Avatar for continuallylost
    reminds me of a cohen bros movie. ehem.. FARGO
  • Avatar for Atmosphere-it
    Yann Tiersen covering Ennio Moricone
  • Avatar for Writtenjustice
    Delicious marching music
  • Avatar for norwegianwood90
    This really reminds me of the introductory song from Monty Python's Life of Brian.
  • Avatar for unsafed4ta
    This is a really good song, and I agree it does need more appreciation.
  • Avatar for gustavogewehr
    Sure Beirut reminds it!
  • Avatar for CherryAtomic
    I believe Franz Ferdinand use this song as an intro for coming on stage. I only just realized it. x) Fantastic song though!
  • Avatar for arenescu
    Nah... Untitled is better.
  • Avatar for TehBluebear
    Perfect ending to Two Headed Boy. Just love how Two Headed Boy leads straight into this.
  • Avatar for revtim01
    I feel so bad for disliking this song
  • Avatar for DerekBowie
    For a long time this was the only song I'd listen to from this album. Things are different now, but it's still the best.
  • Avatar for DemonCashew
    sounds so sweet.
  • Avatar for Evergleamy
    Crkdrain, you're so right! We would not survive without this song!
  • Avatar for RetroPorn
    oh dear god, I don't know what it is about songs in 3/4 time but they just get to me
  • Avatar for petorman
    screaming beirut....and that's good
  • Avatar for ellister
    powerful stuff
  • Avatar for Cautioners
    waqcku is right. what a beard. yesterday I was sitting at the computer with no music playing and I started humming this to myself. ten or so minutes later I realized that I had just been humming it over and over in a loop. so much musical creativity in this band
  • Avatar for catch23
    No, Beirut reminds me of NMH.
  • Avatar for Waqcku
    scott spillane has the neckbeard of a god.
  • Avatar for Crkdrain
    This track is great and also a necessity. If Two Headed Boy and Holland 1945 were played one after the other THE WORLD WOULD IMPLODE.
  • Avatar for Tomte87
    then who did?
  • Avatar for a00305656
    This is probably my favorite Neutral Milk Hotel song, even though Jeff Mangum didn't even write it. O_o
  • Avatar for balikye
  • Avatar for nicetrashcan
    i want to get graduated with this song playing in the backwards!
  • Avatar for jet-setter
    I wish this were longer.

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