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Neurone is a band in Japan formed in 1987 by Koichi Ikeda(池田孝一). A first activity, it was a digital junk sound irregular meter with the drum machine, a base riff, and the guitar noise.

Then the band received big influence from "The Primitives(UK)", "Go-Bang's(JPN)" and "Fairchild(JPN)". The band made an album "Lovely, Pretty, Cute & Happy". And the band stopped a long time.

In February, 2011. "A Girl Who Played Clarinet In Brass Band" was released. And then released new tune "The World(Single)" after an interval of 20 years. New sound is approached to shoegaze.

In March, 2011. "I Want You Show Me How To Use It" was released.
And Neurone said:

Neurone was released new album "I Want You Show Me How To Use It" including "The World(New version)", "Anything", "Pretty Ponytail" and other new 4 tracks. We can't make an album over 15 minutes or so over.
Yes, We satisfied for music making, or music making I want to listen.And We will stop make a music now after.
When I became one's sixties, Neurone becomes a jazz band and it will be back.

In April, 2011. the band opened YouTube Channel, And released new album "Forgive Me Did It With You" on YouTube only. it was cover tunes only.

In August, 2011. "Big Pops" was released.

In September, 2011. Neurone re-recorded initial 3 tracks and named ".(period)". And released it.

Then Neurone stopped again in end of autumn 2011.

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