• My Musical Weekness, Feb 25, 2007

    26 Feb 2007, 05:04 by Televiper

    My top listens for the week.

    Trans AM
    I was introduced to Trans Am about 2 or 3 years ago. I think the album Future World was just coming out, and what I heard didn't impress me, and I was already buying too many CDs to add a maybe to the queue. When Sex Change showed up at the record store, I loved what I heard. A warm mix of Kraftwerk electro, and 80's rock without the baggage, and greater confidence in tone and simplicity. Some parts actually remind me a lot of Neu '75.

    This Heat
    Another great discovery in the realm of early avant-garde rock in the realm of Can, Faust, and The Fall. Perhaps the link between krautrock and post-rock. I like what I hear, but it I'm need hear a lot more before I can really say much about it.

    Cerebral Turbulency
    It's catchy grind-core/trash from the same country that brought me my other favorite grind group Ahumado Granujo. Other group that come to mind are Regurgitate and (name escapes me for the moment). Somewhere in their album Impenetrable there's very odd use of cowbell.