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"…the wind blew a storm that no chimes could take, woken were four, make no mistake…"

Henrik Jonzon: mainly vocals, guitar & banjo
Andy Johansson: mainly drums & percussion
Magnus Johnson: mainly guitar, piano & vocals
Sebastian Johansson: mainly bass, banjo & accordian

Nervous Nellie hail from the cities of Stockholm & Falkenberg, Sweden way of Chicago, USA.
Stockholm is where the two sets of brothers currently live and create, it is here the band battles madness and boredom, it is here they frolic in love & wonder. This is where their home is, for better or worse.

With their slight, slacker image and laidback approach to themselves and their surroundings Nervous Nellie have through numerous tours & intense live performances found fans globally. From the ears of the late, great Astrid Lindgren to rowdy underground crowds the band is always making friends. It comes as no surprise for those who have experienced the band on stage, with concerts at times turning into a stand up comedy show gone haywire - who can resist?! Then again, Nervous Nellie are perhaps not for everyone…

The new album "Ego & the id" (Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics 2008) is something of an evolution for the band in both sense & style. It shows a vibrant & natural musical direction that keeps their undefinable Nervous Nellie touch intact. The record is a sweet mixture of traditional indie pop, folk & alt-country gemes served on a bed of classic rock n' roll. The goal of having no rules & to make as good an album as possible was successfully acheived with the help of producers Peder Mannerfelt & Henrik von Sivers at Five Guys & A Dog in Stockholm, Sweden. The album will be released in 2008, Stay tuned.

Back in 2004 with the self-release of "The Peace Pipe EP" (Honkyjonx Records) Nervous Nellie started what would come to be a long lived touring experience that swept them through most of Europe & parts of the US playing festivals & the underground club scene. In september 2005 their debut album "Don't Think Feel" (Go-Kart Records) was released in Europe. A diverse 12-song collection that displayed a hungry band starting to get into its own. Even at this juncture they found themselves travelling like missionaires all over the place before rounding off the year touring with fellow Swedes & friends Shout out louds.

"…one chime sits tight, it hangs still on its nail, the four towards the sunset finally set sail…"

Good night, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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