• somewhat of a summary

    16 Apr 2007, 13:03 by bad_poems

    i am a teenage boy, looking for a timeless sound.
    something that sounds as if it was made in a basement, but made with an over looked concerto genious.

    im fond of emotional lyrics about anything. they never have to be about a girl; it is possible to write a song about puddles, or clouds, or the reflection of clouds in puddles- which might involve a little science i just feel it is important for a song to spark an emotion or thought. and that this spark can come from a great ammount of things, composition, lyrics, a singing-voice, so on...

    i enjoy the band "The Books"
    they are inovative, to a grand extent. but they are not rediculous- so i can listen to them at any time.

    i would also like to plug Neonthief.
    right now, they are small- they don't even have enough songs/similar artists to be credited with a radio station! i am a fan of theirs because they are profoundly intune with affective composition and creativity.