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  • Night School is on point!
  • Night School is on point!
  • Night School is on point!
  • vega <3
  • Slumlord and its Release, on into Techno Clique is wonderful. Love the flow. Era Extrana was a different beast all together so quite hard to compare the two - both wonderful in different ways.
  • Palomo brought that electronic funk back, oh shit!
  • this album is fucking amazing
  • love the new album
  • The new album is FUCKING WORTH THE WAIT! A groovy, very vaporwave-ish, gorgeous piece of chillwave sound.
  • new album is so fucking good!
  • It leaked. It's gorgeous. It's beautiful.
  • where da leak @
  • Slumlord <3
  • nova pjesma je odlična
  • Slumlord is SO GOOD
  • Stunning single!! I can't wait for the new album
  • pretty excited to vega intl. night school
  • Чувак знает своё дело - факт! Поэтому и зашибись выходит=)
  • "Great new single even if it does remind one somewhat of Shakira's 'Whenever, wherever'." LMAO, great association.
  • sexy annie
  • Great new single even if it does remind one somewhat of Shakira's 'Whenever, wherever'.
  • such a chorus
  • Annie <3 [5] it's going to be my summer smash, I swear it's going to be!
  • Hopefully we get a new album this year, turning 2015 into an even more incredible year for new releases! :)
  • Annie <3 [4]
  • Annie <3 [3]
  • Annie <3 (2)
  • Annie surpasses all the expectations I have for the new album. Gonna be playing this on repeat for weeks.
  • annie is so good!!! *dancing*
  • Annie <3
  • Era Extrana is one of the greatest albums of all time and I don't give a FUCK about what you think
  • *impatiently as fuck waiting for any details about new album*
  • new album, please [3]
  • take with me acid bby
  • love him, omg
  • crying
  • new album, please
  • 2015 NEW ALBUM! "Hey y'all. Been hard at work this year on the new record and pretty excited to show you whats been transpiring. Lets hang in #2k15."
  • new album pelo amor de deus
  • New album, please :3
  • sls
    future sick <3
  • Is it just me or are their similar artist really messed up. Like I was on this page recently and they had completely different similar artists. Not to mention they have 4 currently.
  • он делает реально крутые вещи!
  • когда новый альбом?:(((
  • i need new album


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