• satin666


    March 2007
  • chelslovesu

    oh so lovely.

    March 2007
  • Scarlet_Tears

    <3 Wings made of noise & The Future is a Mesh stallion

    March 2007
  • Scarlet_Tears

    So uh yeah, Johnny Whitney is a fucking genius I <3 him with a passion.

    March 2007
  • fuckheadedcunt

    fucking amazing still not as good as blood brothers

    February 2007
  • fluoxetine20mg

    ick. this is shit

    February 2007
  • SonicXtreme

    lies, the vogue sucked

    January 2007
  • shesheretic

    i havent listened to this in forever missed you!!<3

    January 2007
  • typicalstereo

    jizzzzzz. & johnny's my idol.

    December 2006
  • anewtypeofarmy

    people still listen to this band?

    December 2006
  • deadwomb


    December 2006
  • Staralflur2008

    yesss!!!!!!!!!! so amazing

    November 2006
  • FashionTips

    meh, the vogue is better

    October 2006
  • sidekic77


    September 2006
  • caucazn

    join this group if you like this band/artist

    August 2006
  • lindseyloukitty

    i sing with johnny, in my car. shh he doesnt kno it thou.

    July 2006
  • Gvaz

    listening to the EP. it sounds pretty damn good to me.

    July 2006
  • joeystar

    Johnny Whitney. I want to be you. I will have a sex change to do this! Neon Blonde are awesome. Dark lyrical genius.

    June 2006
  • shameful_xx

    yayyy neon blonde<333

    May 2006
  • clintisiceman

    Is the female vocalists tag a joke? Or ignorance? P.S. I want Johnny Whitney. In a very very gay way.

    May 2006
  • s_h_a_n

    johnny whitney is my hero

    May 2006
  • stfuLindsey

    WAHHH! i love neon blonde. plus the blood brothers. my goodness how wonderous.

    April 2006
  • Soppeh


    April 2006
  • stephencaver

    People would've tagged it as hardcore because it incorporates hardcore elements.

    April 2006
  • forgetmenot

    So.... damn.... catchy.... Johnny... Whitney... is... awesome...

    April 2006
  • dancefloorgasm

    Do you think I'm dirrrrty? Like Christina Aguilera?

    April 2006
  • iamthescene

    this band is fucking genius

    March 2006

    one of the best beands ever..

    March 2006
  • BrokenEnglish

    I listen to Chandeliers and Vines at least 5 times a day, whilst playing air piano.

    February 2006
  • eonblue27

    These guys have been my favorite band for about the last 4 months or so. I listen to Chandeliers at least twice a day.

    February 2006
  • drtoxic


    February 2006