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    19 Jul 2006, 13:03 by Yai

    About 8 years ago a friend asked me what kind of music do I listen to. I I told her I don't really listen to music and she gave me a look of utter disbelief. Then she said, "I can't imagine life without music." It amazed me how her love for music was so strong that I could understand it from just those few words. But it never dawned on me that it was possible for me to feel the same way. Really its only possible for me to love music the way I do because I'm not hiding my emotions as much these days. It really surprising how a piece of music can enhance an emotion, a though, or a memory. It can even bring you into something or somewhere completely different. Its all there just right in reach. It's quite amazing. I wish I could tell her I understand.

    Songs that bring it out of me:
    When It Happens It Moves All By Itself simply beautiful music.
    Passport (C.W.B Always With Me) I wish I was there to protect you.
    Don't Panic Maybe theres more to it than you think.
    Cup of Coffee Words you never want to hear.