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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) The multi instrumentalist Peter Frohmader is the founder and leader of Nekropolis (heavy, primitive & dark electronic rock group launched in the late 70’s).
Three major albums have been published under the name (Nekropolis, Nekropolis 2 & "Le culte des goules" in 1985). More in the vein of krautrock dark experimentations (with tape manipulations and doom bass sequences), "musik aus dem schattenreich Nekropolis" was released under the same name (1978-79). Nekropolis and Peter Frohmader solo projects are considered as leading experiences in the appreciation of complex modern electronica. Their synthetic, electronic textures and obvious tastes for free jazz, avant garde improvisations are linked to Heldon, Richard Pinhas, Magma…Frohmader was first deeply influenced by the "cosmic" electronic wave of 70’s Berlin underground (Klaus Schulze and Ashra Tempel at the top).
Found of paintings and drawings, his music also reproduces his mental, subconscious pictures and obsessions. He created his own laboratory "Nekropolis studio" in Munich.
His first soloing extended electronic manifestations were "Orakel/Tiefe" (1983) "Ritual" (1987). Published in 1990, "Macrocosm" '3rd Millennium's Choice Vol. 1' is considered as a little classic with its deep ambient and almost gothic synth ambiences. He is accompanied by Stephan Manu (on violin) who is also a guest musician in "Ritual" and "Orakel/Tiefe". Released around the same period, "Eismeer" carries on Sci-Fi, menacing and creepy atmospheric synthesisers’ explorations. "Cycle of Eternity" (1992) is a contemplative, spiritual journey throw electronic realms. Frohmader collaborated with Richard Pinhas (Heldon) in the massive and hypnotic "Fossile Culture" (1999). In his last works, Frohmader experiments accessible and floating ambient soundscapes closed to Brian Eno and late Cluster (Space Icon. 2002 : Transfiguration).

2) Nekropolis is a Death Metal band from Serbia. The band was formed near the end of 2003 as a continuation of various projects Marko, Rale and Davor were involved with. At the beginning of 2004, Nemanja joined the band, assuming the vocal duties and the first songs "Necropolis" and "Ice & Her Eyes" were written. These are a unique fusion of death metal brutality, thrash riffs, progressive parts and heavy melodies. The band continued working on writing new songs throughout 2004.
The music of Nekropolis can be described as a mixture of Florida and Swedish death metal with quite a bit of heavy influences. Near the end of 2004, the band recorded their first demo containing the songs: "Necropolis", "Ground Zero" and "Ice & Her Eyes", in order to get some airplay on local and national radio stations, thereby presenting their music to a wider audience. After appearing on the Demo Express show of the (national) Radio 202, Nekropolis had their first live gig in Belgrade as participants in the Demo Express competition, where they got favorable reviews from the metal audience. In order to expand their set list, the band decided also to play covers of classic Death tracks "Crystal Mountain" and "Philosopher" as well as some
Iron Maiden covers.
After the demo, Nemanja departed from the band and Blaza Vasilic (known by his work with M.A.D/Goya and various other bands) was introduced as the new singer. In that line-up, Nekropolis wrote several new songs, but due to his
legacy in the lyrics he wrote, Nemanja returned to the band, which had two lead singers at that point.
With each new song the band stretched the boundaries of the music they love even further and created a style that is becoming the "Nekropolis sound".
The band has played many gigs in various clubs where they invariably created an infernal atmosphere with their combination of brutality, technical complexity and excellent stage presence. Fans of almost all metal subgenres can identify with the music of Nekropolis.
As an appreciation of their work, the band got the chance to play as an opening act for Vital Remains (USA) on their Belgrade concert. Shortly before that gig, Rale Dubljevic had left the band, so the drummer for that occasion was Damir Adzic (Psychoparadox, Alogia, Retribution).
In the begining of 2006, a solid replacement for Rale was found in the character of Dejan Cetkovic, and Nekropolis continued with songwriting and live performances. Blaza Vasilic also departed from the band, so Nemanja (again) remained the only vocalist.
In the summer of that same year, Drasko
Pejovic (Anguish Sublime) joined the band as the second guitarist. In that line up, Nekropolis played many gigs in their hometown of Novi Sad and in many other places - Belgrade, Becej, Kula, Temerin, Zrenjanin and others.
Near the end of 2006, the band started recording their first full-length album, entitled "Ecce Hommo", with Davor Menzildzic as producer.
The album was finished in the beginning of 2007 and the band is currently searching for a record label to release it on.

3) Nekropolis is a Death/Black Metal band from Switzerland formed in 1998.

4) Nekropolis is a Norwegian/Greek band formed in 1982. Zlat (vox, synth, gtr), Math (vox, synth) pluss Marilena (vox, synth), Kalm (drm, synth), Katleen D (synth), Torgeir (synthperc), Asbjørn H (vox), Tore N (resitation), Carl OSP (b'vox), Jan B (synth), Tognazzi (synth)

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