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  • Avatar for cookedbacon
    neil young is such a legend that he's even got his own tag
  • Avatar for Grottesca
    Got tickets to see him live this summer. I'm already in ecstasy!
  • Avatar for AlexanderCanust
    on this harvest moon.
  • Avatar for InSearchOfTruth
    the last true rock'n'roll gentleman...or how Joni Mitchell said without that 'roll', 'cause he never rolled... he has got no swing in him :D
  • Avatar for Dreamingman73
    love him. so real so true
  • Avatar for sdsfds
    musataso: Koukku
  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    @madboy It is a great song. Everybody remembers "Streets of Philadelphia" by Springsteen from the soundtrack (and rightly so, it is a very good song), but NY's contribution is a classic, too. Heartbreaking and beautiful.
  • Avatar for madboy
    I forgot how heartbreaking and beautiful his song "Philadelphia" is.
  • Avatar for SkywardKangaroo
    If I want to listen to inferior recordings then I should be able to do it!
  • Avatar for SkywardKangaroo
  • Avatar for Nextdoorscream
    "Godfather of grunge" is a huge understatement. It's safe to say that Neil Young, much like The Velvet Underground, influenced the entire american alternative/indie scene.
  • Avatar for TheGoobs21
  • Avatar for _Johannes
    i created a tidal account only for listening to neil young again
  • Avatar for hotfox63
    It's better to burn out, than to fade away.
  • Avatar for mathiha
    „Godfather of Grunge“
  • Avatar for mathiha
    Happy Birthday, Neil
  • Avatar for DavidSmith98
  • Avatar for TheUselessGolem
    Bluenote Café is gonna kick ASS! I'm glad Neil's kickstarted his '80s-work rehabilitation process: first A Treasure, now this.
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    Trans is absolutely a work of genius. Just beautiful.
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    I don't know what it is about it, but "Albuquerque" has become my favorite song. That shit never leaves my head. [2] Kind of funny with your avi don't you think lol.
  • Avatar for Hugo__Boss
    For a nice music list of the 10 greatest albums by Neil Young, just have a look here:
  • Avatar for Tymbolic
    I don't know what it is about it, but "Albuquerque" has become my favorite song. That shit never leaves my head.
  • Avatar for Luccaag
    The tag "classic rock" don't bother me here. I can just ignore it.
  • Avatar for TheUselessGolem
    Trans is most definitely terrific, upper-echelon Neil. The album that just hit me this week, though, is Le Noise. Awesome stuff! Not sure what I wasn't hearing the first ten, fifteen times... it's atmospheric, adventurous, sad, heavy, dark, raggedy in that classic Neil way, with a totally unique sound and perspective. I've been coming around on a whole lot of latter-day Neil in fact, stuff I'd thought was way below the level of his '70s and '80s excellence. Can't say I subscribe to that view at all anymore.
  • Avatar for TheOnlyMAD
    What an amazing artist. Oh and yeah Trans is incredibly underrated. Sample and Hold is awesome.
  • Avatar for theblackjay
    Lol Tidal
  • Avatar for warrenzevon
    The whole Neil YOUNG catalogue is available via TIDAL, Check out for yourself, dear friends !
  • Avatar for leepingunpack
    i think trans is a work of genius
  • Avatar for theblackjay
    So Neil doesn't allow streaming anymore because of terrible quality. AM radio and cassette tapes were better? I really wish someone who is close to him would pull him aside and explain how ridiculous a notion this is.
  • Avatar for metalkillthekin
  • Avatar for borra_cuervo
    When is his music finally going to be out of Spotify? I plan on listening only to Young until it does. Maybe that will change his mind?
  • Avatar for zykoveddy
    i think trans is a work of genius [2]
  • Avatar for Tymbolic
    Has Uncle Neil gone senile?
  • Avatar for hawker27
    I like Monsanto Years. Some of the songs rank up there with his best for a while- rules of change, if i don't know and a new day for love are really solid tunes. This is much better than I first thought it would be. The record has so much soul and rocks real hard. Wolf man is his greatest acoustic song since without rings and razor love, which I also love.
  • Avatar for NeilTheRockGuru
    i think neil is currently surrounded by some really thickheaded hippies who are manipulating him to believe that gmo is evil. i mean come on... there are way more important issuses in the world right now. who gives a shit about gmo? its all passe and scientifically proven that its not only safe but its our only solution to the world's food crisis and already helped millions of people from starvation
  • Avatar for ycbk
    Golden earring
  • Avatar for TheUselessGolem
    But I really like The Monsanto Years too. I think what people are forgetting is that Neil is a mythmaker whether he wants to be or not. I hear the album as a spiritual successor to Side B of the great Hawks & Doves (which is really just as out-there as the self-evidently mystical and disorienting Side A) and the '80s country material, all of which I hold dear. It creates a world with its own perspective and rules, and Neil's a character/commentator inside it. It's like his films and stage shows. The folks who are getting all up in arms about the political stance or supposed naivete or whatever are totally missing the point, I think. I'm sure Neil believes he's being serious but he can't help being his artist self about it, and transforming it into its own thing. Rather, to be clear, that's what he does when he's *successful* with his lyrics (as opposed to the likes of Psychedelic Pill or Le Noise) but on this record, like on Storytone, I think he (mostly) is.
  • Avatar for TheUselessGolem
    Spend more time with Storytone, RockGuru. Those are strong songs - gratingly honest in the way Neil can be about his immaturity, but most of us spend our whole lives immature to greater or smaller degrees, he just doesn't mind admitting and showing it... but songs like Glimmer, Tumbleweed and All Those Dreams are strange loner Neil in great form. And it's all definitely very depressing and personal. Avoid the orchestrated version, go straight for the acoustic songs - they only sound bland for a little while.
  • Avatar for HardRokas
    I thought Psychedelic Pill was great.
  • Avatar for FuckinEchoes
    v the most complete musican and guitarist of 20 century deserves a zero and minimal respect from you...epic. [3]
  • Avatar for NeilTheRockGuru
    I gotta admit its getting harder and harder to defend neil even for a die hard fan like myself.. I can see what his intentions are which is ultimately good but it just seems like a dinosaur trying desperately hard to stay relevant to this current generation. He is definitely out of touch which everybody can see besides him. Going out with a gold digger and getting a divorce certainly doesnt help either.. Musically i guess he dropped the ball after la noise which was his last decent album. I wish he can write something more personal again. That isolated, depressing loner part of neil that i dearly miss and am totally sucker at rather than rambling some propaganda
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    v the most complete musican and guitarist of 20 century deserves a zero and minimal respect from you...epic. [2] I love Neil but he doesn't deserve that label lol.
  • Avatar for InSearchOfTruth
    v the most complete musican and guitarist of 20 century deserves a zero and minimal respect from you...epic.
  • Avatar for sls
    zero respect for neil as a person. at least 1 good song so minimal respect for him as a musician. no desire to check out any of the rest of his stuff really.
  • Avatar for FrankPerla
    Monsanto Years
  • Avatar for b0ssh0ggn
    even tho he constantly shits on my beloved Alberta Oil Sands, I still love Neil Young...
  • Avatar for ShiftingOrbit
    My favourite album is On The Beach. Hands down.
  • Avatar for towlesda
    On the Beach is probably my favorite album of all time. I love Neil Young but his albums are sometimes inconsistent, in my opinion his best albums with the least amount of filler are On the Beach, After the Gold Rush and Tonight's the Night (I'd rate all three 5/5).
  • Avatar for hawker27
    On The Beach for me. His masterpiece.
  • Avatar for dogblues
    I can't decide between on the beach or after the gold rush. they're both masterpieces.


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