• YouTube Awards winners TV interviews

    23 Mar 2008, 07:40 by Aaron_Ackerson

    A few days ago YouTube gave awards to videos in various categories, voted on by the site's users. Among the winners were my friend Neil Cicierega, the man behind Lemon Demon and Deporitaz, this time winning for one his Potter Puppet Pals videos, and Tay Zonday, the singer of Chocolate Rain.

    After the actual award ceremony, some of the winners did some TV interviews. On Friday, Tay, Neil, and a guy named Dan Brown were interviewed on the Fox News Channel.


    Though I was a little disappointed that Dan Brown seemed to get a disproportionate amount of interview time compared to Neil and Tay, I thought it was a good piece overall. I was also amused by the accidental airing of the "leave Britney alone video" containing the word "fuck" (gasp!) and the repeated apologies which followed. I'm baffled that people are offended by the strength of language, rather than the content of what is being said. But I digress.