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There are two groups that have used the name Negative Reaction. One is an Australian group that made music in the early 80s. The other is a / band from New York, USA.

The sludge/doom metal group's biography:
Ken-E Bones - Vocals, Guitars (Orange 120 OD Feedback), Native American Flute
The Neil - Drums
Capt'n Manny - Bass

Negative Reaction is a part of the Sludge/Doom metal scene. NR uses feedback as a hammer and the guitars tuned to A as the stake. Don't be alarmed though, this band writes songs with feeling and heart to match creativity and give the listener one hell of a time. They can tear through a fast number as well as a slow one, which will make you think you're listening to a combination of Grief, Black Sabbath and Napalm Death. Negative Reaction released their first seven inch in 1993 and are still going strong.

DISCOGRAPHY (from website http://www.negativereaction.info)

1993 - We Got Problems (7” split with Sound Bite House)

1993 - Poisoned Friendship (7” split with Whatsoever)

1995 - Sludge (7” split with Violent Society)

1996 - More Lies From the Underground (CD Comp)

1996 - endofyorerror (CD)

1998 - The Orbit EP (7”)

1999 - He’s No Good To Me Dead (CD Comp) (Game Two Records)

2000 - The Orion Chronicles (CD)

2003 - Destroysall (CD Comp)

2003 - Everything You Need For Galactic Battle Adventures (CD)

2004 - Negative Reaction / Ramesses Split (CD)

2006 - Under the Ancient Penalty (Dark Reign/ Devildoll Records)

2007 - Split with Beneath the Frozen Soil (Total Rust Records, Israel, CD Split)

2007 - Split with When the Deadbolt Breaks (Spare Change Records, CD Split)

2008 - Tales From The Insomniac (Spare Change Records, CD Album)

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