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  • Avatar for PuppenVonFreak
    Any news?
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    ah the song was Boundless - Allein Stehen (Lexincrypt Remix) , not NF
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    wai pai wai, yeah maybe, I remember listening to that stuff back in the day. thank you very much I hope that's it. I don't remember hearing it in powernoise stuff but my memory isn't so great
  • Avatar for DEVANGELOU
  • Avatar for PuppenVonFreak
    Cipher Method is such a badass album!
  • Avatar for IAmTheClaw
    Maybe you're thinking of [artist]¥Π¥[/artist]. Also, I'm not sure I'll ever view Chinese food the same way again.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    what are the songs with Existenz samples? I'm watching the movie for the first time now and have noticed a couple samples from electro-industrial songs, and i THINK they were mostly NF songs, it's been a long time since I listened to this kind of stuff. namely "and you feel trapped, in the smallest space possible" (paraphrased, not really the quote), and "i do feel the urge to kill somebody here"
  • Avatar for donovan1983
    Moving Past the Boundaries and Gradients are great albums. They got a few repeats on my Denver to Washington D.C. drive a couple weeks ago.
  • Avatar for skiieur
  • Avatar for irreveRANT
    Loving the new single. <3
  • Avatar for ubuntufriend
    Love this band. Moving Past The Boundaries, Gradients and Cipher Method are masterpieces. Definitely gonna check out Axiom.
  • Avatar for DEVANGELOU
    beautiful you
  • Avatar for PuppenVonFreak
    One of my favorite bands. Very nice music ! <3
  • Avatar for Etsu_Silence
    Awesome music!
  • Avatar for Return2Saturn
    lying in the bed + negative format = wonderfully
  • Avatar for Alpha_Mechanik
    Pathogen is Beautiful <3
  • Avatar for Kifune
    Pretty damn good.
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    yep. check out the Distant Pulses album (if you haven't) if you like that song. it's hard driving psytrance with some ebm influence.
  • Avatar for Alpha_Mechanik
    Photon Ring is Incredible o.o
  • Avatar for BelcantoInTheSp
    Anyone who listens to Negative Format is welcome to listen to :
  • Avatar for InterstellarWar
    Why isn't Distant Pulses their top listed to album? It is probably the best industrial/space music ever made. I barely even listen to the genre anymore but if I had to pick the most unique/best industrial/ebm type cd ever made & be stuck on an island with it on repeat it would be that one. Hands down
  • Avatar for Ydolon
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for NoooFun
    Yeah, they should be more popular. Great band!
  • Avatar for Heldraug
    Been listening to them for about 5 years now. They're awesome. I can't believe they're not more popular.
  • Avatar for inflikkt
    gradients is awesome
  • Avatar for GrimGrin
    lovin' it for years!
  • Avatar for D_Elzas
    fucking great
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    @justspectre echo chamber is one of the bands' favorites. =] for me, result of a new culture was the first album i'd heard and remains my favorite. any album that samples winona ryder is ace in my book ;]
  • Avatar for Vanlandi
    Good good good!
  • Avatar for pike50
    good fuking music
  • Avatar for Snowbell242
  • Avatar for Azgath
    Interesting, I like it :)
  • Avatar for TheShadowstorm
    Good stuff!
  • Avatar for samtfinsternis
  • Avatar for faith_fractured
    really great band
  • Avatar for TheShadowstorm
    Really digging Gradients. Great album.
  • Avatar for roland90163
    ebm music .electro dark.this band styl of music electronic dark styl .....hi hi..
  • Avatar for Clandestinus
    agreed, new album = great
  • Avatar for dreaminion
    New album rocks/
  • Avatar for JustSpectre
    This music always ges me up. I like Moving Past the Boundaries the most, but i think the most distinctive album is Distant Pulses due to the Space theme and strong Drum&Bass influence. And the best song? Well Echo Chamber. It really deals in mind control thanks to part from 3:43 - 3:53. 10 seconds of the music heaven.
  • Avatar for mrweithy
    Gradients is one of the few albums out there that i like to listen to straight through
  • Avatar for TheBlackRaven87
    not exactly techno-industrial. i would say it's a mix between Trance and EBM. btw it's not my cup of tea. for me it's too much trance-influenced. of course it's that Trance-EBM mix, that makes NF so special, but it's not my music.
  • Avatar for Conde_Maquina
    mmm.... This is not Dark electro... I love Photon Ring and Pathogen! Oh yeah!
  • Avatar for Alpha_Mechanik
    Dark Electro? 8-)
  • Avatar for Conde_Maquina
    <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 techno industrial <3<3<3<3<333
  • Avatar for PanzerGrl
    I wish I can see NF live.Gradient is just so amazing.I think Gradients is a great step from Moving Past the Boundaries.
  • Avatar for Alpha71
    Good work, techtrance with ebm+synth influences !
  • Avatar for BrunoEngel
    New album 'Gradients' is awesome!
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    glad to see vertex and schema so high. sad to see distant pulses so low.
  • Avatar for TheShadowstorm
    Transfer is so badass.


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