• Things im grateful for (because I cannot think of anything better to write about)

    14 Jan 2013, 22:52 by BBQwiththeduke

    I moan too much. But because I have no imagination and im still reading some books I plan on reviewing soon, heres a list of things that bring some well needed cheer in my life.

    • KFC boneless banquets. They make Monday almost worth the effort!
    • Living in Birmingham. It gets slagged off but we have good libraries, great venues and loads of museums and galleries and we are just as culturally diverse and interesting as any other major British city. Jeremy Clarkson can go suck it.
    • Analog/synthesizer noise of any kind.
    • My imaginary girlfriend Ruba Katrib. I saw her in one of my friend Tomlinsons art magazines and ive never fallen in love with a photograph in quite the way before or since.
    • Polish ladies who upload very nice images of themselves on their profile page avatars. Sorry if it sounds like im perving an entire nation, but to be honest with you thats exactly what im doing.
    • Having literally several lady friends who buck the stereotypes and gender…