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  1. Black metal band from Germany (Kassel)
    - 2001 - Ewiges Reich
    - 2002 - Jerusolima Est Perdita/Ewiges Reich (split with Jerusolima Est…

  2. A band from Germany (Thale).


    Der Tag Vergeht... Demo, 1997

    Gestrandet in Nastrand EP, 2000

    Nordal Full-length, 2001


  3. Runenblut is a "German Heathen Black Metal" formation from Bavaria which members are Morgoth (instruments, songwriting, recording) and Fjalar…

  4. In the year 2004, short time after the warriors of GEWEIH had split up, the time had come for a new formation to rise from the mist, called…

  5. Gassturm is a NS-Black Metal Band from Germany.
    The only member "Katarrh" released 3 demos and participated in a split with Rabennacht.

  6. Black metal band from Germany.
    - 2005 - Inferno
    - 2005 - Von Blutes Stimme gereinigt / Sturm in die Anderswelt (split with Krater)

  7. Blutaar is a NS black metal band from Bavaria, Germany formed in 2001. Pestilenz also plays in Runenblut and Wurzelkraft.

  8. Solo-project of Runenblut's Pestilence.

  9. Insignium is a black metal band formed in 1996 located in Hagen, Germany. The founding members are Shoggoth and Apollyon. Their style can be…

  10. Orlog is a Black Metal band from Saxony, Germany formed in 2000.
    - Erfüllung (Demo, 2002)
    - Zeitenwende (EP, 2003)
    - Reinigende…

  11. A german Black Metal band with Nephesus from Lost Life and Malphas from Lunar Aurora.

    Current line-up:
    Nephesus - Vocals
    Malphas - Drums…

  12. Thyrgrim was found in december 2004 by Kain (vocals & guitar)
    In january 2005 Azgal (guitar) und Sturmgeist (drums)koined the band.
    With this…

  13. Dark and hypnotic German black metal, similar in style to the earlier material of Lunar Aurora. Released 2 albums via Dunkelwald Productions, then…

  14. Ravensblood was born during summer 2001. This french horde performs a fast and brutal black metal with pagan lyrics. After some line-up changes,…

  15. Klage is a black metal band from Köthen, Germany.

    The only member is A. Nachtswehr - All instruments and vocalisation and session drums are done…

  16. Isenburg is a One-Man-Black-Metal project from Germany, Isenburg released one full length album called Erzgebirge. Nothing much is known about the…

  17. Tavaron are a Black Metal band from Germany.

  18. Black metal band from Berlin.

  19. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  20. Bluttaufe

    Country: Germany
    Genre: Black Metal

    Current Line-Up:
    Ashtaroth - Guitar, Bass
    Azazel - Vocals, Drums

    Nagelfar / Bluttaufe (Split 2000)


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