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  • C.O.D. Distribution more releases CZ projects.
  • So romantic..
  • Exquisite.
  • winternebel 2014 >
  • "Tannenhochforst" этот альбом понравился больше остальных.
  • Supreme music for Supreme people !!! YEAH
  • Nebelkorona - Baumgespenster
  • Oh yes! 'Auf Flügeln des Windes' is such a beautiful song!
  • Fan of christoph ziegler..... Such a brilliant guy, every song is uncomparable awesome (2)
  • Wonderful.
  • Fan of christoph ziegler..... Such a brilliant guy, every song is uncomparable awesome
  • Trendy? Oh and btw, nobody cares.
  • Fan of Nebelkorona before it was trendy.
  • großartig
  • my life's song Auf Flügeln des Windes
  • Tannenhochforst fantastic!!! дико адово,например!!
  • Tannenhochforst ist einfach nur der Hammer!
  • Join the Christoph Ziegler group:
  • Really great. Hard to classify, as well. I never know how to describe it. "Uh.. well, it's sort of like dark ambient but also has percussion and strings, and uh..yeah just listen to it"
  • Ist überraschend gut geworden. Hab sie seit dem Steinklang Event.
  • Ja! heut ist endlich die Tannenhochforst Box angekommen!
  • Ziegler is a fucking genius!
  • See his Metal Archives Link: Here you can find all his projects.
  • Just like Vinterriket and Atomtrakt, this is a great project! Really got to check his other projects too, since I've heard he has even more than those three?
  • I only own the "Des Nachts In Tristen Nebeln" EP, but hopefully I can find his other works soon enough. Great stuff as usual from, Mr V.
  • Christoph Ziegler's project Dânnâgôischd "Emm dichdâ Ondrholz" is now available at (Steinklang Industries)
  • Ziegler is such a genius.
  • Stunning, just totally stunning music.
  • Everytime I see that picture of Ziegler it makes me think of a birthday cake. He wants to make a wish and blow out the candles. XD
  • so hot!!
  • I totally agree- awesome! Sounds like more classical Vinterriket.. And this music is another proof that Christoph Ziegler is a genius.
  • какого хуя я топ-слушатель?????????????
  • какого хуя маслов топ слушатель ? о_О
  • so cold,so dark! awesome!!!
  • cold and cool
  • an extraordinary and awasome band for the lonely cold winter nights
  • nice stuff
  • so cold
  • SEVER can't tag an album right even if their lifes depend on it

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