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  • Avatar for ilhammaulana
    Everyone Goes to Heaven
  • Avatar for gadisbintang
    okeee sangat ditunggu di ROCK IN SOLO 2013 :D
  • Avatar for S_4_R
    smoga sukses buat project new album nya bro ^^
  • Avatar for firzilla
    Navicula Exclusive Performance AT "BANDOENGSCHE"
  • Avatar for chiruyuuchan
    band grunge indonesia paling Mantaaaap!! yaaaay!!
  • Avatar for paternoster_
    grunge yg agak psychedelic rock yyeeee!!!
  • Avatar for bassbassbassbum
    seharusnya band kaya gini dilirik label major...
  • Avatar for ragamorning
    Kepalaku mau pecah Emosi mau tumpah Kota ini parah .......
  • Avatar for bryaaannn
    ganggang emas bersel satu !!!
  • Avatar for pakogah
    sepertinya gitaris nya style hippie .. asik deh dung deh tuk dang deh
  • Avatar for sandidwiputra
    gue fan baru kalian!
  • Avatar for pakogah
    mantap dahhhhhhh
  • Avatar for habibrijek
    lagi denger Metropolutan jadi ingat kejadian yang di TIM :)
  • Avatar for saptablues
  • Avatar for tegartegar
    om..nyari beautiful rebel sama salto dimana ya? digital udah lengkap (malu) tapi pengen ngoleksi fisik-nya juga..thanks
  • Avatar for getebandit
    oiya....ijin sedot lagu2 kalian yaow....:)) ini band kami, silahkan sedot juga jika suka...
  • Avatar for getebandit
    pernah liat kalian maen di kemang, tp belom tau lagu2nya....sepertinya gue suka :)...gitarisnya terinfluence blues ya..? mantappp...
  • Avatar for gstwicaksana
    everyone goes to heaven nya ko ga free download? :(
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    Just posted a new video for the song "Metropolutan" at:
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    @winxaltruistic: thanks bro, glad you enjoy :) @agungd88: thanks for listening!
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    @katupandu: your comment really makes us remember to appreciate our scene here... because for us the industry is tough here, so we always dream about touring more outside of Indonesia. but your right the revolutionary aspect is still strong here. If you want to reference some other bands from here, along the same lines, check out this article just published a few days ago, we are highlighted in it, along with some other revolutionary Indo rockers:
  • Avatar for svenious
    Loving it!!! :)
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    Check out the track [track artist=navicula]peace pretenders[/track] from our new album [album artist=navicula]salto[/album]... It's the song we're thinking of using for our next music video. We'd love to hear what you think, so please drop us a comment :) Peace from Bali, Indonesia - [artist]Navicula[/artist]
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    thanks for your comment Sugar :)
  • Avatar for SugarComaX
    i love the song 'dilema'. you guys are great :)
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    Our 2nd album [album artist=navicula]K.U.T.A.[/album] was released in 2002. It's not available for sale, so only [artist]Navicula[/artist] fans in Bali and Indonesia have been exposed to the music. We just uploaded the album to, with the track [track artist=navicula]dilema[/track] for free download and streaming!!!! so check it out :) Peace from Bali!!!
  • Avatar for Lukin99
    "Everyone Goes to Heaven" (sorry for my miss-titled previously) will be a great in concert, as I said before. I love the clap-hand part during chorus. It will be epic! The lyric also relevant with current situation happened in Indonesia. Great guitar/bass riff as a backbone of song structure (though bit over layered with vocal in studio-version, hence I love the live-version more), and an epic chorus with "marching" drum. Love it! Navicula is the best Indonesian band guys totally rock and deserved more appreciation. I'll do my best to promote your music into international community.
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    We just uploaded a new track called "Everyone Goes to Heaven" - you can download it FREE! Please check it out and leave a comment to let us know what you think: Peace from Bali!!
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    Lukin, Yeah, thanks for the input bro... we actually have started to record some of our live shows, but we haven't realeased anything, we really should :)
  • Avatar for Lukin99
    'Everybody Goes to Heaven" will be a great live-rock anthem. You guys should consider to release live-records.
  • Avatar for PrettyTiedUp
    I really can't get over how excellent songs Like A Motorbike & Televishit are...great music!!! Congratulations, guys, on a job well done. Cheers!!!
  • Avatar for Sarkelia
  • Avatar for monsterulz
    modern mantra(Y) your music reminds me pearl jam :)
  • Avatar for beewax
    Thanks for the tip ;)
  • Avatar for twenty7dead
    Hey you guys rock check out my band on showcase your
  • Avatar for fedewdy
    hey i just listened to your song and they sound great. Keep on grunging ;)
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    we just uploaded our new song "Menghitung Mundur"... it's from our not yet released album "Salto"!!! our new album is in the production stages should be released by end of May. Peace!
  • Avatar for PrettyTiedUp
    To my mind, Televishit & Like A Motorbike are both cool songs, and Modern Mantra is OK, while Merdeka, Bunga Liar & supermarket bencana sucks!! Other songs, so-so... No hard feelings guys ;)
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    Buat teman2 yg tinggal di Bali... Hari ini mulai jam 4pm, Navicula interview di Oz FM Bali... 101.2 fm. Tune in and ask us whatever you like, hehe... bakalan ada hadiah quiz juga :) Merchandise Navicula!!
  • Avatar for naviculamusic
    HI there... sad to see an empty comment box...hehe. If you listened to our tracks, let us know what you think ya. Peace from Bali!

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