• PRCS120 - King Roc - Beautiful But Weird Out Now!

    25 Aug 2009, 11:27 by ChrisDiz

    The majority of King Roc's critically acclaimed debut CD Chapters was aimed at the home listener. Which is why the next single is two sets of dancefloor remixes of Chapters' standout vocal track Beautiful But Weird, featuring the vocalist Barbara Alcindor. Part of French-German #1 pop group Family Affair, she also has a voice that led Phonica to call her last track Je Suis Differente "easily one of the sexiest pieces of deep house we've heard in a long time". (Je Suis, incidentally, was King Roc's sideproject with Giles Smith, Two Armadillos - and the followup to Two Armadillos's Beatport #1 deep house remix of the Discowboys).

    Anyhow, two sets of remixes? The first set includes Finland's Sasse, Swedish duo Alex Caytas & Aleks Patz, Greece's Stel, and King Roc's own warm deep-house remix as Jericho Dub. The second set, out some weeks later, will include a Clouded Vision remix that's wonderfully unlike the original, and King Roc's own dancefloor-centric mix.

  • Basic Unit on David Duriez FG Show

    28 Sep 2007, 15:49 by nitzanhermon

    David Duriez Fg Dj Radio Paris weekly podcast > Sept,13 2007
    Microglobe - High On Hope (2007-Remix) - Briquerouge
    Valentino Kanzyani - Thrilling - Sino
    Naughty - All Good - Dialect
    Mark O'Sullivan - Trans (Fafa Monteco Remix) - Briquerouge
    Francesco Pico - Dont Talk That Language On The Phone - Hot Kitchen
    Basic Unit - FedAss (Gary Beck Remix) - Fine Art
    catz v Ibi Beginnerz- Word Problems (Original Mix) - Catzmuzik
    Dadableep - Nikeshirts - Original_Mix
    Tommy Four Seven - Eat Me (Cake Mix) - Briquerouge
    Pete Tong & Superbass - Wonderland (Original mix) - Renaissance
    Anil Chawla - Together - Kill Brique
  • Meltdown / No Fit State Circus - the 20th Birthday Party!

    26 Nov 2006, 23:39 by hdickins

    What an extraordinary night! Meltdown - Cardiff's amazing melting pot for music shares a 20th birthday party with award winning No-Fit-State Circus...

    The evening began with a couple of songs from the River Ghosts (a band from the earliest days of Meltdown) followed by a few more songs from those stalwarts of skiffle and busking Railroad Bill and a hat-juggling act from the circus. After that came Sild a duo who play beautiful Welsh-Estonian folk music. We then saw Bryony Black - an amazing hoola-hoop artist, followed by Fernhill - led by the vocals of Julie Murphy (I don't know why she didn't take her coat off though...) followed by another circus act - a graceful girl on a trapeze.

    Then came the moment I was waiting for... the re-united Howling Sleepers - one of my favourite bands of all time. They had reformed especially for the event, having last played together 11 years ago. During their set, I danced my feet into the ground - in my characteristically energetic style.
  • Meltdown Christmas Cake

    21 Dec 2005, 12:55 by hdickins

    I love Christmas time. I get to go to the annual Christmas in - with 3 floors of wildly different music and a bunch of friends that I don't see very often.

    This year I particularly wanted to see the 22-piece brass band phenomenon that is: WonderBrass, classic punk-rock funsters Naughty and new-country/rock Soda Men and of course Railroad Bill who were playing their electric-skiffle set this year.

    Actually I missed the Soda Men - all the best bands seemed to clash a bit and I haven't found a way of being on three different floors at once - yet. But at least I discovered Smokehand this year - I only heard one song by them - but it was delightfully different. They play film-noir soundtrack stuff - delicious!

    Anyway, Naughty took us back to c.1978 with their set - seeing them is just like being back at the early days of punk - like Souixie And The Banshees or X-Ray Specs

    WonderBrass did marvellous instrumental big-band versions of "a message to you Rudy" and "it must be love…