• Transa

    28 May 2008, 16:22 by motoboi

    Finalmente alguém derrubou Nathan Milstein do primeiro lugar na minha lista de artistas mais ouvidos de todos os tempos. E esse alguém foi ninguém mais, ninguém menos que Caetano Veloso, mas só por causa desse disco: Transa.
    Foi eleito o décimo disco mais importante da música brasileira pela revista Rolling Stones Brasil. E como se poderia esperar, não é uma raridade e pode ser encontrando facilmente no Bittorrent.
    Numa palavra só: impressionante.
    Depois dele tem o Tropicalia, mas isso já é outra estória.
  • String Theory

    24 Aug 2006, 07:17 by cjkershner

    As I was driving this evening with the radio tuned to the local classical station I heard a rather moving performance of Nathan Milstein's Paganiniana variations by violinist Hillary Hahn.

    Armed with little more than the title, composer, and performer (pretty much everything but the op. number) I started scouring the internet to see if I could find a copy of it on CD or download.

    Three hours later and the results are in:

    1) Milstein performed the piece at a concert at the Library of Congress in 1946. There is a CD available, Amazon has exactly one (1) copy, and it sounds like something that was recorded on a sheet of sandpaper.

    2) iTunes has the same CD, as well as one by someone named Amir performing a rendition of the piece that is so hideously offensive to the ears it makes me wonder what kind of damage a Stratavarius could potentially inflict on the human skull.

    3) About a dozen hardcore violin-enthusiast blogs rave about Hahn's live performance, but none of them can point towards a recording of it.