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  1. Happy Phlegm is the moniker used by Australian singer/songwriter Daniel Hogan. His music blends elements of folk, experimental, post-rock and punk.

  2. Born out of living in Glasgow, 'The Glasgow Chronicles EP' charts the experiences of living in Scotland's biggest city. From the day-to-day life of…

  3. The Waiting Room is either:

    - A Genesis/Peter Gabriel tribute band

    - A pop/rock band started in 2005 featuring…

  4. Kurt Kuene is a young Artist who lives in Zurich Switzerland.
    He has foundet the independent record label Wipking Recording Studio

  5. "...a cross between Danzig and Dylan"
    - Eliott Slade/KSCL

    "...not your average Texas crooner"
    - Tiger Weekly

    "Fuck you folk"
    - Dan…

  6. myspace.com/rubberduckyandthebathtones

    Rubber Ducky and the Bathtone is for the most part just Nick Filarelli (Joey Incognito) of Greeneville,…

  7. Dinah D and Tina Jones are joined by their friends Phil Wipper and Aaron Cadwaladr, making The Kerplunks a four-piece live band! The Kerplunks…


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