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  • Avatar for Frozen1999
    Natalie, you are a bada$$ bitch ♥
  • Avatar for LilouFly
    HELL YEEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Cordiam21
    My dick is scared of you [2]
  • Avatar for Swallow_TRANE
  • Avatar for Forteski
    Feminine Talent group:
  • Avatar for lutthien
    damn Natalie, you are crazy chick
  • Avatar for FEAR4ik
  • Avatar for Mixch
    Luv<3 it Clean your tags peeps, though:S here's proper one
  • Avatar for Urusai73
    блять, отныне она мой кумир! нетипичная баба ёптэс)
  • Avatar for nicolasbj
    lol she sings?
  • Avatar for iAmYourDrug
    Damn... She's my hero. ♥
  • Avatar for eletric_feel
    best rap ever!
  • Avatar for ChristinkaLLL
    Natalie ♥
  • Avatar for molliheine
  • Avatar for crispolly
    SWAN QUEEN <3 [2]
  • Avatar for pietrox2
    "My dick is scared of you."
  • Avatar for somnambule-
    i wanna fuck you too ;DDD
  • Avatar for lyrik_raydio
  • Avatar for hamisugar
    i love you Natalie.
  • Avatar for ChristinkaLLL
    Natalie you are a bad ass biitch!!!!!! *Hell YEAH !*=))) <3
  • Avatar for ChristinkaLLL
    P is for Portman, P is for ****=)
  • Avatar for ChristinkaLLL
    we love you Natalie..Portman: I wanna f*** you too!!!!!!=)))))))
  • Avatar for Mort13
  • Avatar for Mort13
    bad ass biatch <3
  • Avatar for rglss
  • Avatar for Mort13
    - We love you Natalie - I wonaa fuck you too !!1
  • Avatar for ArctorTroy
    congrats sexy
  • Avatar for vctrf
  • Avatar for RiotGirl_GC
    Congrats Natalie! Oscar is ur
  • Avatar for watchthethrone
    Her rap is so funny lol
  • Avatar for HollyGolihtly
    I' ll kill your fucking dog for fun, so don't push me!
  • Avatar for tony4stonem
    i wanna fuck you too
  • Avatar for HollyGolihtly
    can't stop listening that rap! best thing ever! <3 [2]
  • Avatar for MarianaORocha
    can't stop listening that rap! best thing ever! <3
  • Avatar for unholyprincess
    i wanna fuck you too
  • Avatar for brand929
    Fierce, flawless, talented, sublime, exquisite, should win an Oscar, etc.
  • Avatar for dwarvendub
  • Avatar for FierceMonster
    that SNL skit song! =D <3
  • Avatar for nowherelplans
    she should make a full rap record, i would buy it
  • Avatar for Splif4d
    fuck all night
  • Avatar for MrUpperBody
    I can't stop listening to this song.
  • Avatar for Still_Da_G
    one of the sexiest woman in the world
  • Avatar for belosoro4kina
    she's gorgeous
  • Avatar for superpokepal119
    omg its so funny!
  • Avatar for Amaciekco
    she'll kill your fuckin dog for fun so don't push her!
  • Avatar for dsignrdane
    wow natalie has an actual page. who took the time to make this??!?
  • Avatar for Punk-Forever199
    Oww she's from Israel! I like this country
  • Avatar for jazzsa
    laughing ;) " When I was in Harvard,I smoked weed everyday.I cheated every test..." you are a bad ass bitch,wanna fuck u 2
  • Avatar for Orange_Country
    we love u natalie - fuck u 2 ahahhahha
  • Avatar for stormy_cat
    we love you, Natalie :D


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